Aamir Khan

 Aamir Khan known as the perfectionist actor of the Hindi cinema has many blockbusters to his credit. He is famous for his movies with strong social messages, say it 3 Idiots, PK, Dhobi Ghat, Peepli Live and the recent Dangal all his movies carry strong inspirational messages.

Let us analyze his Vedic horoscope and find out what great astrological combinations he has in his horoscope that made him a superstar.

Sun, Venus and Saturn are placed in lagna. Sun is the 7th lord and being placed in the ascendant creates a strong Raj Yoga. 7th house represents public, partners, life partner, and business. Sun joins Venus, the lord of 4th and 9th house and it’s a 2nd Rajyoga in the ascendant while Saturn being the lagna and 12th lord placed in the lagna is the 3rd Rajyoga created in the 1st house.

So his Lagna is very much fortified. When Lagna becomes strong one enjoys all sort of fame, victory over enemies, abundant wealth and comforts of life. 

Mercury being the 2nd and 8th lord is placed in the 2nd house of family, wealth, speech, resources. Generally mercury is a planet of duality and in the sign of Jupiter; this signifies a large family or having two strong families he is linked to.

Jupiter being the lord of 3rd and 11th house is placed in the 3rd houseof communication, creativity, efforts, bravery, and arms and so on. Jupiter being the planet of expansion helped him expanding his career in the field of film as a top actor who always love to communicate through his films. Jupiter in the 3rd house helped him body building and that is why once a lean Aamir transformed into a muscular Aamir.

Rahu in the 4th house is not a very good house in terms of inner satisfaction from home and domestic life. A strongly placed moon in the 6th house being the 6th lord helps in fighting difficult battles of life as well as it helps in winning over enemies. 6th lord in 6th creates Vipareet Raj Yoga.

7th house has 3rd and 10th lord Mars, Mars is placed in its friend’s house and being the planet of career and efforts it always helped him succeed in his career but Mars in 7th house is not so good indication for marital happiness. Mars being a planet of separation most of the time becomes responsible of separation or divorce from life partner. Effects of mars get reduced after the age of 30. Mars in 7th house most of the time gives emotional trouble related to love and marriage.

10th house has the mysterious Ketu and it signifies a person who always has mystery surrounding his career or profession.

To become a successful actor the linkage between 5th house, 10th house and 11th house is required. In his case 10th lord mars has aspect of 11th lord Jupiter while 5th lord mercury has aspect of 10th lord mars. All these beautiful astrological combinations are responsible for his super success as a super star in Bollywood.


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