AAP declared 50% tariff cut on electricity price

AAP declared 50% tariff cut on electricity price for Delhi people who consume 400 units per month, any consumption beyond that one has to give the entire amount as per the prevailing rate. This will cause 70 cr of money per month as subsidy and in terms it is a very good move and 90% of Delhi people will going to get benefits especially people of lower income group. If you take into account the 70 cr per month or an odd 5000 cr or less in 5 years as subsidy it is not a big money comparing to Narendra modi’s 4000 cr for statue building.

But instead of providing subsidy as a temporary solution, the central govt as well as state govts should strongly find alternative way to provide the people of India clean energy through the alternative energy sources.

People who will benefit from this are mostly lower income group or people having lower usage of electricity but for middle class masses whose electricity consumption should not be limited to 400 units should have been given an option for 50% tariff cut per 400 units than on prorate basis.







By Dipti Prasad Padhi

By : | Category : Politics| Sub Category : Regional|Date : February 26,2015

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