AAP's Arvind Kejriwal has a wave in 2015 election

It was the wave of BJP with its vital strength Narendra modi who stood tall with his eloquent ability to mesmerize the masses of India during the time when Congress ruled the country for 10 years. BJP had it's time with the extraordinary leadership of Modi. BJP defeated Congress and put them off the throne while the emerging AAP could not even sustain in any place where BJP had its power wings.

Modi has charisma equal to the Sun in the sky, and the luminary Sun in astrology which signifies the power, vitality, strength of the soul, magnetism and wider public accolade.

But there is something called the law of nature which controls our lives. Time changes, life changes. Kings lose their power while a common man becomes a king. You may never guess who is going to get what.  I just got philosophical with my words but truly saying something more powerful rules us from the heaven.

2015 Delhi assembly election seems to be going in favour of AAP, the common men’s party. Exit polls all over the country suggest it is a clear win for AAP though BJP is strongly chasing and as per them it is a win for BJP. No one knows the future except GOD and the messengers of GOD.

No matter who wins, it should be win for a greater cause for development, growth, poverty reduction, employment creation, elimination of crime, access to the basic needs like affordable electricity, power, education and health care and so many other things.

Who so ever comes as the chief minister of Delhi should be committed to make their promises happen in reality.

This time it seems the wave of the general masses sway towards the Aam Aadmi Party.

Written By Dipti Prasad padhi

By : | Category : Politics| Sub Category : Regional|Date : February 07,2015

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