ADCN, asiadigicoin co-founder Abhishek Bhandari scammed thousands

 Abhishek Bhandari, co-founder of power hashing scammed thousands of investors in the name of power hashing, adcn- asiadigi coin. He along with Kartike Kanwar, Amit Jaiswal were promoters of ADCN, asiadigicoin. They lured investors in the name of cheap ADCN mined coins, initially they offered various MLM plans to people in the name of ADCN. People bought those 5000, 2500, 1000,500 coins’ packages where they were promised high returns. Slowly within months, they stopped giving promised mined coins to investors.

They demanded more money from investors to activate their accounts, lots of people gave them more money just in a belief that the price of ADCN will rise and they will get their promised mined coins. But they were not aware that Abhishek Bhandari, Kartike Kanwar, Amit Jaiswal already cheated them and made a lot of money by conning investors. There was no mining at all, it was just money rotation.

This scam is not only limited to Indian investors, they also scammed Bangladeshi investors in the name of high return on investment.

Read the above article where Abhishek Bhandari talked about power hashing and its association with ADCN, asiadigicoin mining. This was the beginning of luring investors in the name of power hashing and ADCN mined coins.

Now where is power hashing, scammers are still roaming free and in plan to start some new MLM plan to scam new investors.

Kartike Kanwar has already started a website called CryptoCurrencyCare, and in the name of CryptoCurrencyCare these people will start some MLM scam to cheat a bunch of new investors.
Abhishek Bhandari’s facebook profile says he is marketing director at CoinKarat, Managing director at CryptoCurrency Council, Chief operating officer at CoinXindia, CEO at Coinpedia. He studied in Studied International Business Management at AIS St. Helens, New Zealand. See the educational achievement and professional experiences of an expert scammer.

You can inquire with thousands of ADCN investors who lost their money in this scam.


By : Admin| Company Name : ADCN, Asiadigi coin scam| Title : Revshare-Hype-Internet marketing|Date : July 16,2017

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