ADCN an MLM based Ponzy coin


Asiadigicoin is popularly known as ADCN coins,  Asiadigicoin is a crypto currency currently getting traded in the below exchanges such as, may not be in all exchanges,


BTC Pool Exchange

Alcur EX



NOVA Exchange

Current Price of an ADCN coin ( as in sep'2016) is 0.00024107 BTC=.15 USD= 9.70 INR and It may reach 1 dollar in no time and expected to reach 50 dollar in the future.( As per power Hashing and Kartike Kanwar)

Power hashing promised to give 10000 to 60000 coins in  4 months to 24 months if someone becomes their paid member.

Powerhashing alias Kartike Kanwar told through mining it is possible as per their below  plans,

Lot 1-24month-2500-60000 coins you can earn in 24 months
Lot 2-18 month-2500-45000 coins you can earn in 18 months
Lot 3-12 month -2500-30000 coins you can earn in 12 months
Lot 4-08 month-2500-20000 coins you can earn in 8 months
Lot 5-06 month-2500-15000 15000 coins you can earn in 6 months
Lot 6-05 month-2500-12500 12500 coins you can earn in 5 months
Lot 7-04 month -2500-10000 10000 coins you can earn in 4 months.

In 2010 bitcoin was launched for $0.008 and in 5 days it grew 1000 times to $0.08

Feb 2011 – April 2011 Bit coin reached $1

In Nov 2013 it wrote history by touching $1250

This is September 2016 and the price of 1 coin is little above $600.


Had I purchased some bitcoins in 2010 I would have become a millionaire by now. I heard about it in 2016. I was unlucky and I missed a golden opportunity to make a fortune out of crypto currency.

By saying all these I am not motivating you to buy bitcoin, it is your choice but by saying all these I am motivating you to buy crypto currency which is still affordable. There are 1000 plus crypto coins in the market then why I am promoting Asiadigicoins.I see potential in few like several other early adopters have seen.

Just remember one thing, it isnot only about earning only for you rather about helping others earn and build wealth. By helping others earn you also help yourself as a part of their happiness. I always regret why someone did not tell about bitcoins in 2010, now as I regret I have felt about sharing the knowledge about Asiadigicoins so that you may not regret in the future for not buying and multiplying it.

Writen in SEP'2016

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Disclaimer:  I wrote this blog seeing at the daily trading volume, promotions by ADCN community members and their optimistic outlook towards the future of ADCN. I remember when I came in cotact with Mr.Kartike Kanwar from power hashing for the first time, I watched some of his videos about the potential of ADCN coins,He in his videos predicted a year back that ADCN will be 50 Rs in a very short time, Now that it is 1 or 2 rupees, I am getting calls from various people asking about when it will reach that price leve. Guys I cant say when.

As I mentioned earlier that there are over 700 crypto currencies available in the market, surety cannot be given which currency will succeed in the future and which will extinct. Please do your own research before buying any coin other than bitcoin. What I said applies to ADCN also. Be careful when you put your hard earned money in any investment. Risk will be yours.If you make profit you will be a winner and if you lose you know what. Dont just invest on anyone's advise. Do your own research, check your risk appetite.


My observations about power hashing and Asia Digi coin ( In April'2017)

It seemed like a well-planned MLM based Ponzy digital coin where Key people from power hashing in collaboration with Asia International played a game plan of increasing the price of the coin through power hashing’s MLM schemes where one member brings the other and becomes the paid member of the system. Power hashing as the name suggests basically told all members that they have crores of mined coin where as they never showed any proof of the mining set-up. Now the interesting thing is if they have so much mined coins what would be the value of the coins if people won’t buy? That is why this MLM plan was brought in.

ADCN started in Feb’2016 and the price peaked up to 31 K satoshi in July’2016, it did well in the month of September 2016 (as the promotions took place in a big way) through the MLM plans. From NOV’2016 till date (April’2016) its performance is dismal. Why? Because from Feb’2016 till September’2016 they were good in gathering number of paid members and from Nov’2016 they started to dump the coins for their own profit.

If they said these coins were used by merchants so the future is very bright, nothing but a marketing gimmick.

People who were associated as members were again told to activate booster and contribute money so that they can buy coins and the price of coins will rise. Now members won’t get remaining mined coins as per the terms and conditions set against each package members bought because power hashing wants money from each members ( they call it booster money ).

These are the people (Key people of power hashing) who are dumping the coins in order to profit while repeatedly telling others not to sell so that they can sell and make profit.

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#Asia International


# Kartike Kanwar

 They are forcing people to put more money in the system.

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