ADCN scammers are now into BLOOMATCH ICO

 Beware guys this ICO is going to be a well-planned scam. Asiadigicoin, ADCN scam is a well-known scam.,-asiadigicoin-scam_complaint264.html

I am doing this free service just to save investors from getting duped. Pls don’t put your hard earned money into scam coins and ICO’s.

Please read how ABHISHEK BHANDARI, the co-founder scammer of ADCN wrote about BLOOMATCH ICO,

Hello, I am

ABHISHEK BHANDARI a Crypto Currency Enthusiast and Blockchain Consultant working in the industry for last 3.5 years.


It's been a rollercoaster ride but I am blessed to be in the industry at the right time.


We can still have the early movers advantage as there are only 1% people involved globally.



Me and team have been working to strengthen our resources in Blockchain technology, VR , AI and Deep Thinking Technology.


We have seen huge rush in the price and adoption of the industry. The market have gone up more than 50 times in 2017 only and user have have also grown exponentially😊


Now is the time to achieve big and help the community to be part of a BILLION DOLLAR project.


'BLOOMATCH' a Decenterlised 'BLOCKCHAIN' based Social Networking platform with 'ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE' and 'VIRTUAL REALITY'.(It will be combination of FACEBOOK , LINKEDIN and TINDER😎😉😍)


We are launching an 'INITIAL COIN OFFERING' to fund the project and releasing special TOKENS against the fund by the name 'BLOOM',


'BLOOM' will be used for all financial transactions on the platform which would create usability and ecosystem for the token.


'SOCIAL NETWORKING' is the hot cake in the market and the kind of technology we will bring would change the dimensions of the industry😇


'BLOOMATCH' would eliminate all problems and issues of existing platforms in this space.


I am creating a special broadcast for my close circle to take advantage of our early News and Updates of the ICO and enjoy the discounts of PRE-SALE OFFERS.


CONGRATULATIONS to be in the first layer of this project😃

Kindly revert if you are comfortable to be part of this broadcast list, I will share more information on m  a next Messages, if not I will remove immediately.

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By : Admin| Company Name : ADCN scammers are now into BLOOMATCH ICO| Title : Revshare-Hype-Internet marketing|Date : February 03,2018

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