AdCrump Scam: A Revshare Scam Review

After doing a couple of scam reviews on internet based Revshare, Coins and other money making programs this is time to do a scam review of Adcrump.

With more than 5600 members losing their money in Adcrump I can safely say that these days people Scammers start an online Revshare business just to scam people; it was successfully launched in September 2nd 2016. It is 30th of September 2016 and their site has gone off-line, by now they must have removed their site from the server.

People who have deposited their money through Payza should raise a dispute immediately.

A very important point to note here that whenever you join a Revshare put your money through Payza, At least you will recover a part of your money through the dispute process

Another important point here people should file legal complaints against the owners of Revshare so that at least they will be put as financial offenders by the Police or law agencies. 

URS and TSG are still fresh in mind of people who have lost their money in it.

AdCrump was the brainchild of Corey Winkleman. AdCrump remained in pre-launch for months. It gave a message that they will launch the revshare site when they will have enough external sourcing.

External Sourcing

Corey Winkleman announced that they have a target of generating $6000/month from AdCrump.

He stated that he collaborated with Amazon.

Corey also stated that they will be trading in Ethereum to generate additional revenue.

AdCrump was established as an advertising company where you can earn money by buying their ad packs.

Corey Winkleman and his Revshare Company AdCrump scammed members within a month.

Ad Packs

Some important notes

In internet based money earning programs most of the time people promote whatever comes their way just for 10% commission. Ultimately most of these commission guys come out safe while their followers who put money in particular earning programs those scam suffers the most.

Present Status of AdCrump : Website down, Corey Winkleman's Facebook profile deactivated.

Corey Winkleman

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Company Name : AdCrump Scam| Title : Revshare-Hype-Internet marketing|Date : September 30,2016

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