addiction boon or bane?

An addiction that wastes your time, money and energy can be one of an addictions named as porn addiction when you’re more often occupy yourself in the world of graphical sexual content available over internet. More and more people are getting addicted to porn due to the availability of porn content easily. Gone are perhaps the days when people used to rent out Porn CDs/DVDs to keep themselves carnally entertained.

Due to such huge demands of porn content pornography has become a huge industry. If it’s a vice or a virtue depends upon how you look at it. India is the third largest country where porn is widely watched while women are no exception when it comes to watching porn. Women in India who watch porn are a quarter of all porn viewers in India.

What is porn addiction ? An addiction is something which rules over your mind and you cannot control its desire. People watching more than 10 hours of porn in a week are addicted while addiction to porn can cause sexual under performance including premature ejaculation, loss of erection and even problem in normal sexual intercourse.

Porn addicts often bunk classes if they are students, if they are working adults they may plan out a time to watch porn may be every day or night. Porn addicts often loose interest in meeting friends and family while they give more priority to their passion of porn exploration.

Is it alarming?  Even though addiction to porn is not declared as a mental illness, addiction to it has its own harmful effects to physical as well as mental well-being.

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