AdRevPro : Revshare scam Alert

AdRevPro which launching sooner as a revenue sharing company based on advertising is going to be another scam, the reasons are clear.

The admin/owner Nigel Delgado seems to be having a fake ID and when I asked about his external source of earning and actual video where he himself promotes AdRevPro.  Like Revshareinstant and profit cabinet where the actual owners duped everyone with their fake FB ID, AdRevPro is planning the same.

Just remember one thing most of the Revshares are nothing but money rotation and pure scam, fast revshares shut down within few days and slow revshares may take few months. Just think about the logic behind why they come up and disappear. So when you push someone to join a revshare be sure that if the revshare shuts down you will compensate the money he/she losses.


Most so-called leaders get commissions through the referrals they bring to a program and it is seen that they themselves do not invest; their commission money becomes their investment. In that case there are high chances that the downlines who have no prior knowledge of revshare will loose of the revshare shuts down.


Contat me to know about the online income industry as well as genuine investment plans

AdRevPro : Revshare scam Alert

By : Admin| Company Name : AdRevPro : Revshare scam Alert| Title : Revshare-Hype-Internet marketing|Date : November 19,2016

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