AIR India sacks COO Amit Arora

Airline fares are now a record time high, almost 3 times higher than the earlier fare making the services unaffordable to the economy class travelers. Though this fare hike is uniform among the private operators it is still a matter of questioning. Govt has asked an explanation from the private airline operators an explanation about the sudden dramatic rise in fare.
Recent news about the Amit Arora who has been sacked from his position COO of Air India express under controversial circumstances is a matter of mystery. As per report Amit Arora’s candidature was uninformed and his appointment was made without due diligence. If we remember COO of Air India Gustav Baldauf made a statement while he took the rein of the loss making Govt Airline that he will see Air India as a profit making company in a few years.
Figures tell a story and the story says that though the balance sheet of Air India is still in red there is a light of hope as it has reduced it looses from 2008-2009 from 7189 crore to 5551 crore. Turn around can only take place when Air India gives stress on branding, promotion in big way. Quality of people matters for a company’s growth. It should also take some marketing tips from King fisher which is a newcomer in the industry but ahs made a mark in the industry due to aggressive marketing, quality work force and last but not the least beautiful Air Hostesses.
Written By Dipti Prasad Padhi
Not to forget that Air India still carries debt of 40000 crore and Govt has reportedly declined to make any financial support until it meets the committed revenue targets.

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