Airtel's Poor network service in Greater Noida extension

I have been experiencing a lot of network issues due to Airtel's poor network in Noida and Greater Noida. In Noida it's manageable but in Noida extension it's really worse. I have submitted many complaints to the nodal team and did a lot of complaints by twitting on their social media page. After almost 2 months a RF engineer came to visit my flat.

He quickly inspected and

wrote RF issues such as interference, call drop issues, no internet etc and submitted to his network team. Now it's the 3rd month. I am still not able to call or receive calls most of the time. If my call gets connected than in a second the other side could not hear my voice. Living with network connection which has made my life miserable.

I don't know if a complaint with TRAI and the consumer court will address the case. I doubt because these telecoms operators are very powerful people and even if they loot the entire country with poor device still they get money from challenged subscribers. That is why Airtel has been slowly getting bad reputation.


By : Admin| Company Name : Airtel's Poor network service in Greater Noida extension| Title : Mobile Operators|Date : April 09,2019

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