Ajay Devgn KRK controversy on Shivaay, Karan Johar

Taped conversation between Kumar Mangat and KRK made headlines. KRK said he and Kumar have a very friendly relationship from many years and they produced two films called Atma and Alone. Now the conversation where Kumar Mangat asked why he favored Karan Johar and repeatedly asked the same, then KRK replied that he had to do that. In that conversation KRK confessed that he took 25 lakh rupees to favor Ae Dil Hai Muskhil.

Later Ajay passed on a statement that 

”I have been a part of the Indian film industry for the past 25 years and have been associated with over 100 films. My father was a professional action director and I have an emotional connection with this industry. It therefore pains me to see that people like Kamaal R Khan are holding the film industry to ransom by spreading negativity about films to extort money from producers. It is very sad that people from our own industry are supporting such elements and spoiling the ethos of the film industry. I would strongly demand that this be thoroughly investigated by competent authorities to clarify if Karan Johar was indeed involved in this.”

Shivaay and Ae Dil Hai Muskhil releasing in the same weekend and this is the bone of contention. In the tape Kumar Mangat asked again and again why you favored Karan Johar.

To this KRK said I had to do that, later he explained that he liked Karan Johar’s Ae Dil Hai Muskhil trailer, hence he tweeted in its favour. He also said he never said bad to the trailer of Shivaay. He also clarified that he does take money to promote films but in the call with Mangat he said he took money from Karan Johar but in reality he did not take any money from Karan Johar.

Initially he said Shivaay’s first trailer was great, 2nd trailer of Shivaay did not please KRK and he tweeted Shivaay and associated it with Himmatwala tweeted it as Himmatwala-2 and it will be a flop.

KRK also revealed that Kumar Mangat asked him many times to give positive reviews and tweets to Shivaay.

KRK also told that Ajay Devgn was a 2 Rupees Person and he became a billionaire, he added Ajay Devgn has no emotional connection with the film industry, he only has money connection.


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