Akshay Kumarís rain songs can easily rekindles sensuality

Akshay Kumar’s Jalwa has been there since 1991 when he appeared on Saugandh (1991), his first movie. He mesmerized the cine audience with his style, charm, good looks. As one of the sexiest hero of Bollywood he has millions of female fans while his co-stars are no exception. His magical charm and a sexy avatar ruled the Bollywood for ever since he was launched.

Akshay, the best looking man in Bollywood has a unique Khiladi style; he is tall, handsome and masculine. With full of masculinity and sexiness Akshay Kumar won many hearts.


Mohra released in 1994 cannot be forgotten , being one of a blockbuster movies of that time Mohra has the most sensuous song of the time and the kind of sensual chemistry between Akshay Kumar and Raveena Tandon in a rainy song  with Raveena wearing a yellow saree is one of the sexiest songs of Bollywood ever since.


After so many years the same sensuality was ignited on screen with the movie De Dana Dan – 2009 where Akshay Kumar and Katrina Kaif tried the best to bring the best of sensuality into the song but there is a clear difference between The kind of sensuality ignited in Tip tip barsa paani and Gale Lag Ja.

Raveena looked far sexier than Katrina Kaif in a rain song.

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