Alia Bhatt Horoscope

She was born in 15th March 1993, Mumbai, at 4.10 Am. This birth time seems very accurate.

Her Lagna is Capricorn and lagna lord Saturn is placed in 2nd house with Mercury. Mercury is the lord of fortune, 9th lord and as a planet of communication it’s position is 2nd house bestowed her a sweet voice.

While in 2nd house with lagna lord-2nd lord it confers a Rajyog as well as a Dhan Yog.  3rd lord and 12th lord in 9th house, Jupiter the karaka of spirituality, she must be a spiritual soul. Jupiter is 9th house expands fortune. Mercury’s position in 2nd house gives her a nice voice and singing ability.

5th and 10th lord Venus placed in 3rd house is a sign of success in glamour industry or cinema. Venus is the strongest planet in her horoscope.

She will gain a lot from marriage. It’s likely that she will marry someone from film industry.

In D-10 also Venus is the 10th lord so it gives a surety that she will be successful in film industry.
Her 10th SL Mercury signifies 2,11,6, hence she will gain a lot from her career while 5th SL is Ketu signifies 5,11,2 hence she will be a very successful and well-paid actress in film industry.

In a very young age her net worth is more than 100 cr and she has many successful films to her credit.

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