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Whenever we talked about Jaimini astrology we hear a lot about Arudha Lagna, Atmakarka, Dara Lagna, Upa pada Lagna and so on. Even parasara emphasised about Arudha Lagna.

Arudha means mounted, More precisely it is the mirron image of the Lagna. If Lagna determines about the person and his true personality than Arudha Lagna determines how people around him or the world thinks about the person. It may be possible that a person is very kind from heart but people may perceive the opposite and vice versa. From this note I think we can derive a fair Idea about what I am trying to explain.

If the Lagna and Arudha Lgana are in trine or in kendra to each other then it creates fairly good Rajyoga. It may be due to the reason that there is harmony between his true self and his projected self.

There are rules on determining your Arudha Lagna. Find out the placement of the lord of the lagna. Suppose if your L1 is placed in H9 then count 9 houses from the house where your L1 is placed. This way you can determine your Arudha Lagna.

Exception to this rule : When Lagna Lord is placed in 1st,4th,7th and 10th. In these cases you need to deduct 4 housed from the placement of L1

When the Arudha Lagna is placed in harmony with the Dara pada there will be harmony between business partners,bed partners. Dara Pada is more to do with the physical compatibility of couples while the harmony between upa pada and arudha lagna is paramount importance for a happy married lif.

Written by Dipti Prasad Padhi



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