Amit Jaiswal from power hashing scammed in Asiadigicoin, ADCN MLM

Amit Jaiswal is one of a co-owner of power hashing. He along with Kartike Kanwar, key promotor of asia digicoin MLM and Abhishek Bhandari scammed thousands of people in the name of asiadigicoin, ADCN. These frauds played with investor's trust.

They not only scammed Indians, people from Bangladesh, some countries in Africa were also fell in their trap.

Amit Jaiswal, Abhishek Bhandari and Kartike Kanwar scammed more than 20,000 people, broke their trust, created a bad reputation for Indians in the crypto currency world. Kartike Kanwar, who proclaims himself as a crypto guru asked people not to sell their Asiadigicoins,

when they convinced people that ADCN will soon be a 1 dollar coin, people stopped from selling it. They showed people that ADCN has a great future by pumping the coin few times. Ultimately Kartike repeatedly told the members not to sell their Asiadigicoins, ADCN through his Youtube videos as well as through his whatapp messages. Members blindly believed in the scammers, Amit Jaiswal, Abhishek Bhandari and Kartike Kanwar. Later they themselves started to sell the coins for profit.

They promised investors that they will get mined coins every month as per their coin packages, Investors only received coins for hardly two months. Then they all on a sudden stopped all coin withdrawal, forced investors to buy booster packages, many investors even purchased booster packages with a belief that these key people will do something so that they will get return on their investment. But they later knew that they are already scammed by them.Abobe pic has fewThey absolutely had no mined coin set-up, just rotated coins from here and there for a month and two and ultimately took away money from investors, cheated them. They not only scammed investors but also created a bad reputation for them. Below picture has key scammers of asiadigicoin scam,


Upon further investigation, our team found that Amit Jaiswal, Abhishek Bhandari and Kartike Kanwar were already involved in such kind of scams in the past.

Amit Jaiswal is Co-Founder and CEO at CryptoCurrency Council, Co-Founder and CEO at CoinXindia, CryptoCurrency Consultant at The Bitcoin Decoded. Every investor involved with him should be cautious. He is a big scammer.

Kartike Kanwar with in no time started a website called crypto currency care ( CryptoCurrencyCare) and self-proclaimed as a crypto currency Guru. Now he along with his fraud friends are planning some new MLM so that they can scam a bunch of new people. Beware of these scammers!  

These guys deliberately cooked a story that their organization Power hashing has a collaboration with Asia international. No one showed who are the key people of Asia International. There was no such organization, they just created a story that there is some entity.

By : Admin| Company Name : ADCN SCAM| Title : Revshare-Hype-Internet marketing|Date : July 29,2017

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