Amitabh Bachchan Horoscope Analysis

Amitabh Bachchan dominated the Hindi film industry with his charismatic acting prowess. An actor who is profound in his profession of acting and a persona which always seems larger than life but in reality we see him as a humble man. No introduction is needed when we talk about him.

As this blog is all about a quick analysis of his horoscope we will see what factors really took him to such a great height in hindi cinema.

I will here take his time of birth as 2.50 PM (As per K.N Rao) rather than 4 PM that is mentioned all over internet.

His Lagna is Capricorn. Ketu in the 2nd house. Saturn in 5th house. Jupiter in 7th house. Rahu in 8th house and 4 planets in Mars, Sun, Venus and mercury in 9th house and moon in 10th house.

In an actor’s horoscope there must be strong 5th house, Venus, Mercury and 10th house and even 7th house as its 10th from 10th. 5th house is in Taurus, sign of Venus. Saturn is the lord of chart and 2nd house placed in it and it happens to be Saturn’s friendly sign. Jupiter may not be a planet of cinema but it expands the house wherever it sits. In 7th house it gave him great luck in profession and Jupiter is exalted.

9th house is dominated in his chart. 4th and 11th lord mars in 9th house makes one wealthy with gains from profession as well as bestows luxury vehicles and houses. Venus is the lord of 5th and 10th and is placed in the 9th house and Venus is debility and his debility it cancelled by mercury. Mercury is 6th and 9th lord in its own moola trikona. 8th lord sun is placed in 9th house. Moon is placed in 10th house which is lord of 7th house.

During Saturn Dasha he actually gained success and build a solid foundation for himself as a superstar. After several flops his career thrived and then there were few breaks in his career when he went in politics. ABCL disaster perhaps compelled him to come back into his profession again. This is not to be denied that the most influential man of hindi film industry has several flops to his name. It may be due to the 10th lord’s placement in the 9th house which is 12th from it.
He has several wealth and fame yogas in his kundli. He possesses a net worth of $425 Million.

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