Amitabh Bachchan Horoscope

Amitabh Bachchan  Horoscope

As per Dr. K.N Rao his birth time is 2.50.30 PM. While on internet 4 PM is mentioned as this time of birth, after doing a lot of analysis in terms of matching his horoscope with major events of his life I came into a conclusion that his birth time should be 3.45 PM.

Most events are matched with respect to various health ailments he suffered or suffering from since 1982.
Diseases and Accidents
1. Lives with 25% Liver due to Hepatitis caused from an accident in the sets of Coolie in 1983). Liver Cirrhosis
2. Rare muscle diseases called myasthenia (1984)
3. Diverticulitis of the small intestine in 2005
4. TB
5. Burnt hand during Diwali
6. There may be many more small accidents in his life


Now looking at most of the houses and planets which are linked to 6,8,12 it seems 3.45 PM should be an accurate time of birth.

Lagna SL and5th SL is Venus and is connected to 1,7,10 through it’s star,sub,subsub and this truly justifies how he has become a mega star in Bollywood, no one could ever reach to the level of achievement when it comes to acting.

He is both commercially and critically acclaimed. You may see a big gap between commercially successful stars in Bollywood with poor acting skilled but in case of Mr. Bacchan he lives every character he plays in movies. As per commitment and discipline go he is just exceptional, even in his mid 70’s he is playing lead roles and outperforming younger stars. So undoubtedly he is a rare talent.

Due to planets connected to 6,8,12 he also went bankrupt in 2000 but his truthfulness is so high that he returned every penny to his creditors. That is true character of a truthful person. Then he multiplied his wealth many more times after the bankruptcy event of his life.

Due to 5th SL connected to 1,7,10 he has been very successful throughout his life in film industry. I think almost movie of him released every year since 1972.


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