Amitabh Bachchan surviving with 25% of Liver

Amitabh Bachchan recently revealed that he has lost 75% of his liver due to liver cirrhosis. During a fight sequence with his co-star Puneet Issar in Manmohan Desai's Coolie he got seriously injured. It was the time when the entire nation prayed for his recovery. 60 bottles of blood collected from 200 people were given to him. By God’s grace he came out of the life threatening danger but during early 2000 he discovered that he has lost a sizable portion of his liver due to cirrhosis caused by an antigen of Hepatitis B and unfortunately it was came to notice that one of the donors who donated blood had Hepatitis B.

Amitabh in his recent blog revealed about the same while at a campaign on Hepatitis B organized by health ministry in collaboration of UNICEF he spoke about how India is a home of 40 million people with Hepatitis B; the campaign aims to free the country from Hepatitis B in next 10 years.

Amitabh assured his millions of fans that there is nothing to be panicked as one can survive with 12% of liver. The liver as a vital human organ can come to its full size and vigour with proper medication and diet, Amitabh who has been on a strict vegetarian diet, a healthy lifestyle, a teetotaler and under constant health supervision will surely regain the lost portion of his liver. 

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