An affair outside a Relationship

A pace with which the world is progressing has affected our lifestyle to a great extent. Why and how?

The answer lies within us. How does progress affects our relationships. How life entirely focused on career growth, money does have affected so many people and their relationships.

Neera (Name changed) happens to be an independent lady from Pune. She is well settled, positioned well in an MNC and her Job demands lot of on-site and off-site travelling. Her husband too is a busy man in his late 30’s.  Neera confessed that she had an affair with her male colleague.  Though she regrets that she should not enter into such a relationship, she further confessed that she and her husband barely get time to spend together. Her 10 years marriage has turned out to be boring and monotonous. When she started spending time with her male colleague more and more, she realized that there is connection between both of them and the way that man pampers and flirts she missed all that from years. This led her to get into an affair. Even the fruit was forbidden it enticed her and she could not stop.

Meera’s case is more about the emotional side of her which made a connection with her male colleague, she got along with her and soon they ended up in an affair. Most of the time women got into affair to fulfill emotional needs that somehow their partner ignored over a period of time.

In case of Falak (name changed) it was her ex who contacted her through a social networking site, initially she was reluctant and did not except his friend request but eventually she accepted her request and they started talking to each other, this revived their old memories and they got along once again. Even though she is currently into a relationship it could not stop her from getting all over again into a past relationship.

Relationships are very complex and mysterious. It is very difficult to explain why one knowingly went into such a relationship when he/she was already into a relationship.

Mahesh (Name changed) is a businessman, he is rich and he loves luxury. Even if he is married and having children but he does not let a chance to get into relationships for pleasure.

There may be several other examples where men and women get into relationships by destiny or by design. Phycologists claim that those who come to them to mend their broken relationship confess about how things happened so fast and they could not control such events from happening.

Most of the time people get over protective towards their relationship. Over protectiveness indicates their insecurity. Relationship needs nurturing, indeed constant nurturing and it can only be possible through constant contact and communication. In a relationship physical side of love cannot be ignored. A loving touch and physical contact most of the time keep the relationship intact.

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