An Australian man googled, “how can I kill my ex wife”

An Australian man googled, “how can I kill my ex wife”. This he did before killing his two children. He killed his children out of a revenge towards his wife for loosing a custody battle in the court.


Charles Mihayo, 36 was found guilty for killing her two daughters, Savannah and Indianna in Melbourne. In a bitter custody dispute with his wife he lost the case and the Victoria supreme court ordered the custody of the two children to Mihayo's wife. The court heard him saying “good bye” to his two daughters.


On that very day Mihayo took the daughters to cinema and in return he bought new dresses and shoes for them and filmed them dancing them to the song “ Let it go” from the Disney film “ frozen''.


But when their mother came to take the children, the elder daughter ran towards her mother to show her new dress and shoes and upon seeing this Mihayo called her daughter back and locked the door from inside. Then he shut the door to her ex-wife.


Her wife panicked and called the officers. When the officers barged in they saw he was drying his hands and the both the children were killed with a pillow.


Jealously and anger are two worst emotions that can lead to anything. Crime often is a result from such emotions, you may feel how could a father killed his beloved daughters, was not that anger,jealously, obsessive love.

By Dipti Prasad Padhi

By : | Category : Crime| Sub Category : International|Date : November 05,2014

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