An insight into Osho’s philosophy of Love and Intimacy

Rajnish Osho known widely as a spiritual master, attained enlightenment during the beginning of his middle age. As I was reading an astrology article about why he was destined to be a spiritual master, I realized why he sooner became Bhagwan Rajnish Osho the day he woke up from a deep slumber; He himself called it an experience of birth, rebirth and reincarnation. His body was absolutely in a state of collapse and he was completely unconscious, when he wake up he was not the same person, he became an enlightened person.







Osho was never married but he dared to talk about sex. He considered sex as pious, he himself once said if love is Ganga then sex is Gangotri. The great river Ganga in India is considered as a Goddess and water that comes out of it is considered so sacred that millions of people go for sacred dips inside Ganga River just to wash off past life, present life sins.


When love is considered the purest form of all emotions why sex (Gangotri of love) is still a taboo and mostly a sin?


In an illusionary world we may consider Osho’s sayings on sex as an impetus to look for sex (as sex is pious and Gangotri of love) and wait for love to happen. In the process one may be so engrossed by the maya of the physical expressions of love that rarely he may find the Ganga (Platonic love). 

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