Anil Dhirubai Ambani- Horoscope Analysis

 Name: Anil Ambani

Date of Birth: Thursday, June 04, 1959

Time of Birth: 22:30:00

Place of Birth: Mumbai


Anil Dhirubai Ambani was born on born on 4th June, 1959.

He is the younger son of Dhiru Bhai Ambani and  Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani. He has an elder brother Mr. Mukesh Ambani and two younger sisters.



Anil Ambani is the chairman of reliance group which has Reliance Communications, Reliance Capital, Reliance Infrastructure, and Reliance Power, Reliance entertainment in its ambit. Apart from business he is a philanthropist, marathon runner, wildlife conservationist and a spiritual person from his core.

Let’s discuss about Anil Ambani’s horoscope to know how planets in his horoscope promised him name, fame and money.


His Lagna is Capricorn. Prominent business leaders have a strong Capricorn connection because Capricorn is the 10th sign of the zodiac, when lagna falls in the sign of Capricorn it makes a person methodical, disciplined, practical, and ambitious. People of Capricorn lagna possess strong will-power, patience or perseverance as traits of long-term success.

12th house from the Lagna has Saturn, his lagna as well as the ascendant lord. At a first glance it is not so impressive because Saturn which represents his own self. Personality and his aura, power and individuality as the lord of the lagna and his accumulated resources ( wealth both material and spiritual)-2ND house is in a house of loss, seclusion, bondage, expenditure, meditation, detachment, imagination.

But we need to delve deep down to have a microscopic analysis. 12th house has Saturn in his horoscope. Saturn represents the poor, underprivileged or common people. Being in 12th house it may make a person empathetic to the common people. 12th house represents hospitals, asylums, ashrams etc. Saturn’s placement here symbolized someone who has deeper empathy towards the sick or admiration towards gurus, sages, yogis etc.

There is no planet between moon (In the 12th or 1st house) which as per classical text is not a good sign for riches. This rule needs to be tested again and again through analyzing birth charts of highly successful people. Moving forward I saw Kendra lords’ mars and moon in Trikona (5th house here) creates Rajyogas. But Sun’s (8th lord) placement here in 5th house is not a very happy placement for sun. Sun is also in its enemy sign.

5th house from Lagna and 7th house AL has Venus and Mars. Venus is the lord of 5th house and 10th house and is placed with the 4th lord and 11th lord in cancer, sign of moon. What does it tell? It tells about a superb wealth-creating yoga as the lord of his career and gain are together in a business house. Venus is the lord of 10th house and 5th house indicates his interest in cinema or film or entertainment related businesses. Mars being the lord of 4th house (estate, infrastructure, and vehicle) and also networking, gain (11th) tells about his gains through infrastructure and entertainment business.

Jupiter is in the Arudha Lagna, He must be perceived by his colleagues, sub-ordinates and general masses as a man of wisdom, a guru figure. Jupiter’s placement in AL makes one knowledgeable in so many fields and it makes a person passionate about spiritual quest. 2nd house from Arudha has Saturn. 12th house Saturn from lagna or ascendant has a placement in the 2nd house. 12th house Saturn slows down one’s expenditure or losses as Saturn itself is a slow moving planet while placed in 2nd from Arudha makes it more of a wealth-generating planet. Remember Saturn is both Lagna as well as 2nd lord (two very important houses).

11TH from GL is Leo, there is no planet there as well as no aspect from any other planet is seen, lord of GL is Sun placed in 7TH from AL conjoins mercury and moon tells about his current business lines such as, Sun- Reliance power and electronics, father’s profession, Moon- Public, Retail, Infrastructure for public transport, Reliance metro (Travel). Mercury – Signifies everything related to communications, I can relate here with general trade and Reliance communications.

Now HL falls in Libra and interestingly all the three planets sun, moon and mercury aspects the HL and aspect the Lagna which signifies the he makes profit out of power, infra and communications. A major chuck of the profit from these ventures must be coming solely to him. HL tells about the interest areas where a person actually puts efforts.

HL lord and 7th lord from HL are Venus and Mars have no aspect to the Lagna hence it may be possible that entertainment business.

11th house from AL falls in Virgo. It has aspect of Rahu, ketu and Saturn. 11th lord from AL is mercury which joins Sun and moon. So as 11th from AL tells about the source of income or moreover gains from income. We see he is already gaining from Sun, moon and mercury –His current lines of business as well as gains from import export of machines, general trade related import and export, manufacturing electronics and generating power-Rahu here plays a role. He may also gain from occult practices, power-loom, spinning mills-Ketu plays a role. But let’ see if they can actually give wealth or not by analyzing there relationship with 11th lord from Aruda. Moon is an enemy of mercury - Moon- Public, Retail, Infrastructure for public transport, Reliance metro (Travel) - Gains may not be very good.








Mercury – Signifies everything related to communications, I can relate here with general trade and Reliance communications – Gains will be in great scale.

Sun – power, electronics, solar energy- He may gain in great scale.

Rahu- Gains will be from export-import of heavy machines, defense products, and electronics etc.

12TH from AL tells about expenses and losses. 12th from AL is Libra lorded by Venus. It is having aspect of mercury, sun and moon

Mercury- Expenses are/will in great scale from telecommunication.

Sun – In power, energy there won’t be losses and expenses. Reliance power and energy will always be in green.

Moon: Public, Retail, Infrastructure for public transport, Reliance metro (Travel): Neither too much expense nor too much gain.

12th lord from AL is Venus and conjoins Mars – From anything related to entertainment business, engineering and manufacturing expenses will be in large scale.


Written By Dipti Prasad Padhi,




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