Ankita Lokhande and Shweta Singh Kirti talked about Sushant Singh Rajput : Rhea Chakraborty in lime light

She looks beautiful. Sushant got mesmerized by her beauty, that’s why he left Ankita Lokhande her first girlfriend and found love in Reha Chakraborty.  No one knows what truth is but Sushant Singh Rajput broke a 6 year long relationship with Ankita, What was the reason it is still not clear

Ankita Lokhande today revealed that Sushant was affected by blind items, here blind items is about Sushant’s sensitivity towards what people talked about him. He was very much moved by opinions of others about him, Even Ankita talked about how Sushant would spend 1 hour daily to spend on twitter, he would tell Ankita that public opinion about him really matters as he was successful due to his fans only.

At the other end Bihar’s IPS officer Binay Tiwari who was sent to investigate Sushant Singh’s case was forcibly quarantined by BMC for 14 days, Sushant Singh Rajput’s sister Shweta Singh Kirti appealed through a tweet to Prime Minister and home minister for a thorough investigation.

Now the question is if Sushant Singh Rajput was murdered or it was a suicide?

Recently media also showed some chat messages where Sushant’s family contacted DCP Mumbai Police about Sushant’s life is in threat. Question is also raised about Mumbai Police who declared Sushant’s death as suicide in just 15 minutes.
 It’s not a straightforward case as it seems. 


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