Another incident of Brutality

Even if the whole world is trying the fight out crime against women we keep on hearing news of rape cased from TV, Newspapers and other social media networks. Does anything change after news come out and stir our hearts. Does any change in law or swift trial takes place? Does the court of law swiftly pass on its judgment and try the crime offenders?

These questions often hover around us from time and again. We may feel angry, agitated and often times frustrated and sad of hearing of such brutal incidence of crime. Do we do anything in improving the situations?  Do we have the willingness to eradicate the cancer of crime from our society to begin with and on a macro level from our country and the world?

Kaushal Chauhan 

Recently it is reported that a 6-year old girl of a construction worker was molested, raped and brutalized with an iron rod inserted in her private parts by a security guard named, Kaushal Chauhan from UP. This reminds me of the Damini brutality case as well as the recent Rohtak case. We know these brutal incidents as these come to public limelight through media but what about several such cases that went unreported and unnoticed.

Upon arrested Kaushal Chauhan gave a statement to the police that he had some previous grudge against the girl child’s family and he wanted to take revenge. Now the country should not read such news and forget them in silence. We have to appeal towards the government of India to sensitize all cases pertaining to crime against women through change in the prevailing laws related crime against women.

 Written By Dipti Prasad Padhi



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