APJ Abdul Kalam's Horoscope

 APJ Abdul Kalam's Horoscope

No introduction is needed when we speak about India’s Abdul Kalam, our ex-president. Before he became president in 2002 he was hugely popular as the Father of missile technology in India, behind India’s great progress in rocket technology Abdul Kalam had a tremendous contribution.


He suffered a cardiac arrest while giving a lecture in IIM Shillong and it was his last lecture and an end of his life’s journey.


kalam was known for his simplicity, he had been awarded several prestigious awards for his contributions towards the fields of science, technology. He has also authored several books such as India 2020: A Vision for the New Millennium, Wings of Fire, and Ignited Minds: Unleashing the Power within India and Target 3 Billion" are very popular.


He loved students and from last 3 years he had been frequently visiting IIM Shillong to give lectures and guide students. His demise caused great loss to us.






APJ Abdul Kalam’s Horoscope

His Lagna is cancer. Jupiter placed in Lagna and exalted in cancer which indicates a person who has always been knowledge thirsty and exaltation of Jupiter made him knowledgeable in science, technology and writing. He authored many books, research papers; He was India’s top scientist, published many research papers and pioneered in the field of missile and rocket science.


3rd house from the Lagna or Ascendant has Sun, mercury and Ketu. 3rd house is more about his brave endeavors. Sun, mercury and ketu placed in the 3rd house and Rahu in 9th. 3rd house is also communication. He showed his prowess in pioneering missile technology. Ketu (explosions, dangerous weapons) and Sun (  support from the king ) in the 3rd house made him out of the box thinker in designing, developing missile technology  while Rahu’s ( Big machines, advance technologies) aspect from 9th house of higher knowledge gave him the ability towards scientific inventions.



Mars (10th lord and 5th lord) and Venus (4th lord and 11th lord) placed in 4th house gave him a Raj Yoga. Mars and Venus took him to the pinnacle of success as a missile scientist as well as gave him fame as the ex-president of India. As the Raj Yoga occurred in the 4th house, it supported his education and happiness. 4th house is a house of happiness. He was happy in educating people through his knowledge as well learning, invention.


Moon is debilitated in the Rasi chart. Moon being the lord of ascendant but its debilitation is cancelled out by mars in 4th from Lagna.


Rahu is 9th from Lagna and 10th from Arudha lagna once again indicated his interest in technology which became his passion and profession. Jupiter exalted in 5th from AL arudha Lagna helped him to become people’s president.


UL Upapada Lagna has Sun, mercury and ketu aspected by Rahu and Saturn. Powerful malefic influence to the UL kept him single throughout life. 7th lord is in 6th and Saturn is the 7th lord, this also explains delay, difficulty and denial towards marriage.


Varnada Lagna is in Leo and Sun is associated with ketu, mercury and aspected by Rahu. Clearly indicated his profession connected to Sun (king), Rahu (technology), ketu (interest in occult and technology) and mercury (communicator).


Yogas in APJ Abdul Kalam’s

Abdul Kalam had so many yogas in his birth chart, these are as follow,

1.      Hamsa yoga : Jupiter in Kendra : gave him fame, respect and knowledge

2.      Malavya Yoga : made him kingly

3.      Vesi : Mars and veus 2nd from Sun made him truthful

4.      Yogoda casued by Jupiter

5.      Raja Sambandha by Mars.

6.      Lakshmi Yoga by Jupiter

7.      Mridanga Yoga by Jupiter and venus


Besides the above mentioned parasara yoga there jaimini yogas too,

1.      Amatya Karaka with Dara karaka in D-1

2.      Atma Karaka aspected by Putra Karaka

3.      5th lord in D-1 with Dara Karaka ( DK)

4.      In Navamsha AMK aspected by DK.


Written by Dipti Prasad Padhi





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