Are you heading towards a journey of greatness?

 Treat people with respect. As long as we treat people with respect our respect is protected. Law of Karma works mysteriously through our subconscious mind. We live in a world full of chaos, most people complain about the same.

You, I and everyone at some point of time do the same. Who creates chaos for us? How can we come out of it? I believe through positive thinking. Positive thinking is a very powerful habit that can turn the world around us. Great men and women believed in it and this one belief changed their lives and the lives around them.

Turn the pages in history and you will see how amazingly an ordinary man from India became a mahatma and we lovingly call him “Bapu- father of our nation”, he talked something that everyone perhaps knew but most had forgotten and was reluctant t practice. His thoughts and ideologies around “Ahimsha- Non-violence” not only moved India towards its independence but also influenced the whole world.

He believed in Non-violence, he deeply respected it from the core and a day came when his belief was highly respected and he indeed was respected for the same. His ideologies moved the masses, his love and belief for Non-violence eventually made him “mahatma- Great”. He became immortal through his words, acts, and his incessant commitment towards his beliefs. Every ordinary man or woman has that extraordinary streak in him/her,

if it is true then why can’t we all become great. What stops us from becoming great individuals? Do you know why? We stop us from becoming great as we don’t want to be great. Coming back to what I said in the beginning, “Treat people with respect”, Respect will follow naturally, but it can only possible when we first treat ourselves with respect. A happy individual can only make others happy; an individual who has respect for him/her and believes in the positive sides of life can only respect others.

By : Admin| Category : Self-help| Date : February 12,2017

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