Are you prone to abuse: Know from Astrology?

Saturn/Venus contact:  if afflicted can lead one to Prostitution, Libra sign as a business sign being the 7th house of the Zodiac relates to sex-trade.

Venus-Saturn contact: Afflicted Venus Saturn contact leads to Promiscuous behaviors.

Mar-Venus: Aspects or conjunctions are shown as an impetus to lust desires.

Venus: combust, afflicted causes a woman lustful, lascivious. Venus afflicted shows unhappiness in love.

Jupiter in 5th or 7th house: May give many lovers or sexual partners.

Raphael mentioned -"in a female natal chart if the Moon forms  semi quartile, square, opposition or sesquiquadrate aspect to Mars, chastity is greatly under question, unless Jupiter or Venus aspects the moon to save its nobility". But often it is researched that Venus and mars cannot do much here.

Mars with Venus, even with Jupiter: makes men overtly sex hungry
Affliction of Neptune or Uranus to Mars, Venus: promiscuity especially if Neptune afflicts Uranus.

Mars, Venus and Saturn afflicted: Sexual perversion

Venus in the sign of mars and afflicted or Venus in the exaltation of mars.
Saturn in Scorpio may give rise sexual diseases. Scorpio is the 8th sign of zodiac and governs sex, sexual organs.

Mars, Venus, Saturn and their relation opens up the true picture. Jupiter though considered as a grand benevolent planet it may also responsible for excesses.

Astrology, sexual abuse

Physical abuse towards women has been increasing day by day. This has been a global issue. Rape and other form of physical harassment have been on a rise throughout the world. Child sexual abuse has been rampant. Victims of rape and sexual abuse often silently endure the pain and agony while very few people report the incidents and get the culprit criminals punished.

“Rape” is more of violence against women mostly committed to outrage the modestly of a woman. As per a study it is more intended towards power over others rather sex as a true objective behind the crime. To check from the Natal or progressed chart as per western astrology you may check the how Pluto is behaving in you charts.
Pluto is often related to violence and power over other like Mars. “Pluto” I can say a much mightier form when it comes to some violent activities where power over others lies as an objective. Say it a terrorist activity or a rape incident. 

Pluto’s aspect towards Venus (natural significator of sensual or sexual pleasure) is very often present in the rape victims. Also check houses those naturally fall under the domain of Venus and Pluto such as 2nd, 7th, and 8th. 2nd and 7th houses are the houses of Venus while Pluto and mars are lords of the 8th house. Venus and Pluto hard aspects (conjunction, square and opposition) are often red alerts while Pluto Mars hard aspects may also result the same but more research needs to be done. May be Pluto-Mars aspects tell abuse story happened with males. It is not a surprise that male children and even adults may be subject to physical abuse.

Venus Mars aspect, Venus afflicted by Neptune or Uranus also tells an abuse story.

The worst thing here is people having such aspects attract negative, violent, crack-headed people in their life. These people should always stay away from things that may harm them from any form of physical abuse.

Let us read charts of Hollywood celebrities who were subject to sexual abuse and rape in the past to know about if the aspects are found in their Natal charts.

Lady Gaga recently confessed that she was sexually abused during her teenage.

Mars    Conjunction    Neptune    Orb    5°32'
Mars    Conjunction    Uranus    Orb    7°51'

Mars is in her 7th house and is afflicted by Neptune placed in 7th house and Uranus placed in 6th house. Neptune is her 10th lord ( fatherly figure, authority figure, respectably positioned in society ) Uranus is 9th lord ( someone or the event connected in a religious place, educational place or the person related to some religious place or educational place, 9th house is also related to higher learning, publishing, law etc.

Mars is the lord of 6th (health, enemy, service, and subordinate) and 11th (friends and acquaintances). You can connect here the victim, the rapist, his position in society and his connection to the place and event. Her moon is also conjunct Pluto which seems the criminal had power over her mind too. It means she must have been shattered mentally by the incident of rape she went through.

Moon    Conjunction    Pluto    Orb    4°43'

Case -2: Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey, the media mogul confessed that she was raped when she was only 9. She had repeatedly sexually abused between ages 10 to 14.
Mars    Square    Pluto    Orb    0°34

There is tight square of Pluto to Mars. Mars is 4th (mother, mother’s place, home) as well as 11th lord (friends, acquaintances). It was said she was raped by the care taker of her mother’s home if I am not wrong. Pluto (Power over her) is also the 11th lord of (friends, acquaintances).

Case -3 Madonna

Venus    Square    Neptune    Orb    1°45'

Neptune is found in her 3rd house being the 7th lord afflicts Venus her 2nd and 9th lord. 3RD house being a house that signifies short journey. Incident happened while she might be travelling.

Mars    Square    Uranus    Orb    2°41'

Mars is the lord of 3rd. (communication, commuting) and 8th house (Sex, insurance, investment, business) Uranus (lord of 6th house of enemy). After a careful connection it happened while travelling when some people turned enemies and committed a heinous crime.

Ashley Judd
She was subject to sexual abuse in her childhood. Below are the malefic aspects

Mars    Trine    Pluto    Orb    3°54'

Mars    Opposite    Neptune    Orb    9°09'

Venus    Conjunction    Saturn    Orb    3°42'

Written By Dipti Prasad Padhi


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