Arranged Marriage vs Love marriage in India

Love has always been there from time immemorial. It does not matter if it is love or arranged marriage. Upon love and faith the entire institution of marriage stands, hence love is a maker of a relationship while lack of love and faith are breakers of a relationship.

In India arranged marriages have been a common truth. Existence of arranged marriages till date is a prove that even if Indians of 21st century have started disliking arranged marriage they cannot entirely get away from it.

Love marriages have become a rising trend in the developed cities of India where women are equally empowered as men. With empowerment comes choice of life style as well as choice of life partner. Besides conservative parents who force their children into arranged marriage, liberal parents do not mind embracing the decision of their children when it comes to love marriage.

With financial freedom that globalization offered to various cities in India, women of 21st century know how to deal with their life situations, they plan their life better, they know what they need from life and they are good in decision making. When it comes to have a life partner of choice they know whom to choose for the rest of their life.

Statistics and data provide some startling facts when it comes to love marriage vs arranged marriage. You may remember a saying, if you want to keep up you marriage for few years go for love marriage while if you want a marriage for lifetime go for arranged marriage. The logic behind it is a piece of mystery but it is believed by psychologists that a marriage that happens after love has not left with surprises in store while a marriage where two entirely unknown people join together unfolds surprises and most of time it is seen that arranged marriages are much stable than love marriages. Is it due to the reason that people getting engaged in such a marriage has lot to know about each other or lot to discover about each other. Not sure about the fact or reason behind it but we should remember that like any other sanctimonious relationship marriage leads to a door to heaven.


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