Arrest of A. Raja, Corruption and congress

A. Raja may get arrested within 48 hours as per CBI report. This has now become breaking news and will spread like forest fire. A.Raja may get charged with criminal conspiracy along with a dozen DOT officials. CBI from the beginning has disclosed that they have got major evidence to arrest A.Raja, this has indeed come from the raids conducted earlier at different places in Delhi and Chennai. Miira Radia, the infamous corporate lobbyist may also come into the loop as some important evidential documents were found during the raids conducted at various placed including her farm house in Delhi and office at different placed in NEW Delhi
More news will flow through as A.Raja will get arrested and then only we can know more about the 2G spectrum scam and the so-called fraudulent practices made by the Politicians, Govt Officers and the corporate big shots.
Sonia Gandhi has declared to take strong stance against corrupt politicians and bureaucrats in order to prove that congress say no to corruption and corrupt politicians.
Severe amount of pressure has been built since the handful of  recent scams came to limelight, adding insult to injury the opposition called to disrupt the winter session of parliament while the release of several cables by wikiLeaks saying Sonia as the ‘left of center politician as per the US diplomats is major concern for UPA. As per WikiLeaks cable Sonia has no ambition to uplift the oppressed women and bring rapid social changes in India. In one of the cable it says wbout Rahul Gandhi’s thought on terrorism. Rahul as per the cable thinks that the Hindu groups especially some from the Gujarat are a major threat to the communal peace than the LET and other terror groups in Pakistan.
By Dipti Prasad Padhi

By : | Category : Social| Date : November 10,2011

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