Art of living: 10 ways to live a life of inner joy

Art of living: 10 ways to live a life of inner joy

·  Don’t be envious of the success of others

·  Engage a certain portion of your time in some creative pursuit that can uplift your soul

· Be in the company of people who are hopeful, optimistic, inspiring and empathetic, any of your friend with such great human traits will certainly help you to refine your talents and boost your morals, in our world such people enhance the quality of our lives.

· Believe in the philosophy that inner satisfaction leads to a healthy and radiant life’

· Falling in love is a spiritual experience, open your arms with your eyes sky-ward and ask god to send your true love to your life. Those who believe in the power of love indeed live a life of peace

· Don’t be frightened by the problems and failures in life, the one who makes best out of life is the one who has no fear of failure. Fight the odds of life till your last breath. Challenges should make life interesting.

· Quit all your toxic habits that knowingly and unknowingly deteriorate your happiness. As we know health is happiness, give up what is not appropriate for us.

·  Set goals that can add value to your life and the lives around you. A life which enhances the worthiness of the lives of others is a divine life. A divine life can only work toward the everlasting enrichment of human civilization.

·  It is better to live a life that is centered on God, love and ahimsa as an atheist’s life is purposeless. Buddha was an atheist but he had the realization that every human is a form of god when he lives by the principles of a pure, divine life.

·         Learn the art of a balanced life, happy is the one who strikes a proper balance between his inner (spiritual, mental) and the outer (personal, professional, social and material) world.

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