Arvind Kejriwal,AAP and challenges

Arvind Kejriwal will take oath to become chief minister of Delhi on 14th February in Ramlila maidan while the AAP is geared up to pursue their unfinished work that was left a year back when the AAP government dissolved.

They lodged FIRs against Mukesh Ambani for alleged price hike of natural Gas while ex-chief minister Sheila Dikshit for her alleged involvement in light bulb purchase for CWG in 2010. They have also filed FIR against ex-petroleum minister M Veerappa Moily and other high-profile people connected to politics or business.

AAP has made it clear that they will start working on the FIRs lodged against the mentioned persons a year back while Jan Lokpal Bill and Swaraj Bill will get their way through the cabinet soon.

Manish Sisodia is all set to become the deputy chief minister of Delhi. During their 49 days Government as promised they slashed the power unit rate to 50% through subsidy route while free water upto 20 kiloliters were promised.

They also ran through controversy when it came to regularize lakhs of contract workers attached to Delhi government. There were lakhs of cleaning workers, teachers, DTC employees who had deep expectations out of the AAP govt during their 49 day tenure. Even a committee was formed for the same.

Corruption was one of the topmost agenda of AAP, to fight it out they formed a helpline for the same, Arvind Kejriwal himself asked the Delhi people to help the Govt in prosecuting the government employees who take bribe from people.

Prashant Bhushan, the former senior Supreme Court lawyer, member of team Anna as well as the co-founder of AAP warned the party not to compromise on the party’s long-standing principles. Prashant Bhushan who distanced himself from the party’s Delhi Election campaign due to the party’s alleged distribution of party tickets to candidates who cannot be trusted fully. He went aloof from the campaign when the party did not take heed of his suggestions over the issue.

Before the entire AAP team takes oath to take their position as ministers of Delhi they should keep themselves prepared for their challenging roles.

Prashant Bhushan also suggested that the newly formed Government of AAP should not take any policy decision in haste. They should keep it in mind that before declaring any subsidy on electricity or water, possibilities of such should be thoroughly scrutinized by appointing a team of experts. He also mentioned that an auditor should be appointed to keep an eye on the MLA fund utilization.

Written By Dipti Prasad Padhi

By : | Category : Politics| Sub Category : Regional|Date : February 13,2015

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