Arvind Kejriwal about 2 crore of Dubious fund

Controversy against Arvind Kejriwal about 2 crore of Dubious fund received last year by 4 cheques of 50 lakh each has once against triggered an political melodrama. Replying to the allegations as baseless Kejriwal demanded a probe against him and even challenged to arrest him if the Government has guts. He has not done anything wrong so he is fearless.

He said all the investigating departments are directly controlled by the present BJP Government and they could have arrested him and order a CBI probe but they know that BJP’s allegation is baseless and that is why they are unable to do anything except defaming him.

He also alleged that Prime Minister Narendra Modi called him a Naxalite, Kiran Bedi called him toxic, and few others from the part called him monkey, thief and muffler man.

BJP who alleges Arvind Kejriwal as a corrupt man who is involved in money laundering should also give an account of how they got 700 cr plus money during the National Election. AAP publishes the money received as donation, source of money while in case of BJP and congress we never knew about the source of money. At least AAP is honest about the dealings. By Dipti Prasad Padhi




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