Asaduddin Owaisi says about Yakub memon execution

 AIMIM chief and Member of Parliament Asaduddin Owaisi asked a question that every Indian should answer. He said if Yakub memon who got hanged in connection with 1993 mumbai blast then why the chief plotters of Babri Mosque demolistion, Maya Kodnani, VHP leader Babu Bajrangi are still alive.

Justice of the country should never be influenced by powerful legislatures. Law of the land should be same for everyone. If it took 23 years to give the sole convict, yakub menom to give justice why still people who planned and plotted malegaon blasts are still roaming free?

The question here is to give a clear picture of truth. Truth should not be manipulated. Truth is what we all want to hear. There are questions of why such a hyped death sentence to yakub in presence of 30,000 police personnel and 10,000 people. Death sentence to Afjal guru and Ajmal Kasab was not surrounded with so much hype but Yakub’s death has become a national debate and the question is why?  Does the hurried death sentence of yakub memon’s death some mystery in it?

Mahim’s ex-corporator  Yakub memon was an charted accountant and used to look after accounts of Tiger memon’s company. Tiger memon who was the chief accused in 1993 mumbai bomb blasts where 257 died is Yakub’s brother. It was believed that he was a conspirator of in 1993 bomb blast case. Even if he was not a master mind he had information of the blasts and he was proved to be an aid in supporting those who came in Mumbai to give the blasts a reality. 

Amid all the media debates, different opinions from so-called representatives of people should there be any need to challenge the decision of court and the evidences of course. If the answer is yes, there will be more debates and the debates may reach in some conclusion but the real culprits of 1993 Mumbai blasts are still alive.

 By Dipti Prasad Padhi

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