Astrology and money potential

Well-said : I ve my natal mars 2nd lord is in 6th house leo, and i m an work-holic when it comes to my intrest area, a stellium of planets ( sun, saturn,mercury ( 29 degree ), pluto (23 ) and jupiter in libra 8th house makes me balanced when it comes to judgement. Indeed i have never been confused about decesion-making, and even i found out this trait among somelibrans who are fine decesion makers, Lot of high-rank individuals in Army are librans. uranus being my ascd lord is very near to MC ( 6 degree ) which means a person wants to be his own boss. Neptune in the later degrees of 10th house ...seems to fantasise about an ideal glamorous job. I ve got into some projects to become wealthy but yet nothing has come up in a solid way.


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