Astrology Remedies for delay in Marriage

Marriage an important aspect of everyone’s life, Timely marriage ensures domestic happiness for the bride and groom as well as their family members. Delay in marriage takes place due to malefic planets in the marriage house of Lagna, Malefic planets aspecting the 7th house or Lagna or the lord of the 7th house weak in the horoscope. Also the Navamsha of the horoscope has to be seen to further confirm the same

Early marriage or marriage during an ideal marriageable age means the chances of having healthy progeny. Early marriage ensures early childbirth which is good for both parents, when the children become young parents won’t be very old.

What are the astro remedies for early marriage?

1. Fasting on the day of the Upapada has been very effective remedy for removing all sorts marriage related issues, it is proven time and again that it helped so many people.

2. Fasting on the day of the 2nd house from Upapada increases the longevity of marriage

Only water and uncooked food can be taken but for bet result fasting should be without food and water but do as per your ability.

3. Jupiter is considered as the most auspicious planet for health, wealth, happiness, Marriage, progeny and knowledge. Hence on every Thursday it is advisable to take bath with turmeric mixed water. This not only helps as a remedy for early marriage but also helps in getting rid of marriage related problems.

4. Eating Saffron is also considered as a remedy for delayed marriage. Saffron is for Jupiter, hence its use helps in pleasing Jupiter and fulfils marriage wish.

5. Mangalika Yoga in horoscope is also a cause of delay in marriage, Hence recite Mangal Chandika Path on Tuesday. Mar and Saturn are the first grade malefics, their influence on marriage house or its house depositor delay or disturb the marriage. For Mars do the above mentioned remedy and for Saturn, on Saturday you can arrange Sundar Kand at your house with the help of learned priests.

6. Om Namo Naryanaya is a Beej Mantra, with its chanting or prayer devotees of Lord Vishnu get his blessing. Naryana or Vishu took Avataras just to eradicate sins and to establish Dharma in the world, Just by chanting his name one will not deviate from the path of Dharma ( Righteous Karma)

Written By Dipti Prasad Padhi

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