Astrology result of Srilanka vs Pakistan world cup 2011

Astrology is a cosmic science and planets control our fate. I am an ardant student of astrology and my belief in astrology gets strengthened as i become more intuitive and knowledgeable about planets, their movements and how they affect our success and failure. My interest in sports astrology is new and majority of my predictions come true, you may say 7/10 predictions come true as i m still a learner. Uranus the planet of astrology is placed in my 9th house of higher learning and higher philosophy. I said about the result of  the yesterdays match between Bangladesh Vs Ireland, my prediction supported the home team Bangladesh and eventually it won. Planets never tell a lie we may tell many. Yes it all works like magic and then i think magic is also a mysterious manifestation of nature. Nothing is beyond the laws of nature, say it about winning a lottery or winning someone’s heart.  Now as per my prediction Srilanka Vs Pakistan, Pakistan will win, i said yesterday that whosoever plays first will win. It works ! I am close to the result but wait its a very tough and competitive match now i see Srilanka is about to give up with the scoreboard displaying of 232/8. You may think i am making a fool out of you but i have some very strong testimonials. Yesterday i siad on a very popular astrology forum about the result.. i had my own method. but the experts on the forum are more experienced and knowledgeable astrologers whereas i m just a learner. They were supporting Srilanka as a winner but my astro prediction was more in favour of the team which bats first. Anyhow it is still a close match with srilanka scoring 242/8..Are you still hopeful about Srilanka. You may but planets tell a different story.

My Love for astrology is not new , i started getting inclined toward astrology when i was only 16 or 17 years old, its been more than a decade i m still a leraner. Srilanka scored 260/8 in 49th over still needs to make 18 runs in the last over to win the match. Do you think they can win ? Planets are not by their side hence they are struggling on their home ground colombo. So even after 15 longs years my knowledge on astrology is very limited as i do not have a master to teach me and guru to mentor anyway self help comes into picture when you have no one to teach you but you still grow in wisdom first and then knowledge secodly. Srilanks now is  on a score of 265/8 49.4 overs still 2 balls left. Can they win hey what’s that one more wicket from the 5th ball of the last over. Bravo planets. Srilanka now on a position of 265/9 ( 49.5 overs), and now Srilanks looses the match by 11 runs

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