Attractiveness is more of a synonym to beauty

Attractiveness is more of a synonym to beauty. When it comes to males, slim and curvy women are considered to be beautiful. There are exceptions too. There are males who do not consider beauty as per the strict standards of slim body type and curvier physique of women. As we know beauty lies in the eye of the beholder, physical beauty comes as the first parameter of judgement alike money which is considered to be the first parameter of success. As per research study BMI between 17 to 24 is considered as most attractive. BMI between 17 to 20 is most likely found in younger women between 19 to 20 and this is perhaps an age where females achieve a perfect body type. As the age grows the BMI increases but as per the standard till 24.4 BMI a woman’s body looks perfect.

Fat kills the beauty and attractiveness. As fat accumulates in the body its youth slowly maligns and the process of ageing starts faster. After 30 most of us are vulnerable to low level of hormones and further ageing dampens the prospect of an attractive body. Even though one cannot remain eternally beautiful, proper diet, exercise and rest can maintain body’s attractiveness.

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