Ayurvedic urea for height increse is a scam

Ayurvedic urea as it claims to grow people taller even after puberty is a definite scam. If you think you can afford ayurvedic urea you will surprised at the cost it will cost you 1 lakh dollar for 6 inches. Sounds like some Nigerian scammers started this ayurvedic urea scam, internet is flooded with the websites which claims it is the only legitimate ayurvedic medicine to grow you taller after puberty. Its nothing but another height increase scam.
Do not believe upon them as they have no testimonials and their sites promote nothing but propaganda.
Just like this scam there is a height increase scam in india where a doctor in Nagpur claims that he instantly grow people taller by acupuncture at any age and a student doctor of him in Delhi does the same. They charge 15,000 INR for some acupuncture sittings, one friend of mine just screwed his money on their tall claims and got nothing. Below is their f**king link www.youtube.com/watch?v=prcJex5eAYg.
Do no trust these scammers
There is no such proven method to increase height after puberty except limb-lengthening surgery and yes some people claimed that they grew height after puberty just by visualization, meditation and LOA.

By : | Category : Health & Science| Date : July 28,2012

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