Baba Ramdev from a Yoga Guru to a business Tycoon: An astrological analysis

 His horoscope reminds me of great Dhirubhai Ambani Ji who made an empire out of nothing. From every angle you can see this is a horoscope of great businessman while why he gained reputation of Yoga Guru first and then a business tycoon later. By design or by destiny he made a brand for himself first. Mostly well-known people adopted that strategy. During the end of Rahu Dasha  Divya Yog Mandir Trust in 1995 was formed. Rahu has a lot of influence on his 7th house and planets in 7th house from the 11th house of natal chart. In 2003, beginning of Jupiter Dasha he came in limelight when Aastha TV started featuring his yoga teaching. With Yoga he also started preaching spiritual as well as health related knowledge and this way he gained huge popularity as well as mass following. So Jupiter dasha established Baba Ramdev as a renowned Guru as well as a Business Tycoon. 

12th house Dasha of Juipter proved to be very auspicious even it’s not a very good planet for Cancer Lagna. Jupiter is both 6th and 9th lord and placed in 12th house of lose. In one way it gives Vipareet raj Yoga which vanished all his competitors, enemies, conflicts, bestowed him robust health. Jupiter as 9th lord placed in 12th house, in one way you can interpret lose of father, lose of fortune but it’s a very vauge explanation looking at D-1. Indeed 9th lord – karaka of higher knowledge and preaching and Jupiter,the natural significator of 9th house fixed a karma for him which is nothing but preaching all good things about health, Jupiter is 6th lord and spiritualityas he is also 9th lord.

Now looking at 10th lord mars in 7th house and Venus, moon with Mars and closely guarded by Saturn and Sun from 6th and 8th, he was compelled by the planets to do the Karma of that house. Most importantly moon his lagna lord is placed there. Hence it was almost his present life Karma. Moon after all signify our emotions.


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