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Baba Ramdev is known as a spiritual guru in India. He became famous for his free yoga teaching. He became famous in no time due to his free lectures on yoga and spirituality. Later his fame among masses helped him in becoming a major manufacturer, exporter of Ayurveda products worldwide. His Divya Pharmacy produces hundreds of products including fast moving consumer durable goods along with medical products.

No one can forget that he had initiated Anti-corruption movement in India. He talked about black money, he talked about corruption. During congress Government led by Sonia Gandhi in 2011 he was able to gather 1, 00,000 people in Ramlila Maidan for peaceful protest against corruption. It was Jan Lokapal Bill for which he protested against the congress Government. That rally was supported and attended by Ram Jethmalani, Anna Hazare, Arvind Kejriwal, Kiran Bedi and Swami Agnivesh.


Baba Ramdev who hailed from a village of Haryana became an iconic figure worldwide. I was curious to study his horoscope to know how planets helped him in earning so much fame.


His ascendant is Cancer. Jupiter is placed 12th house. Jupiter in 12th house connected one to meditation, Ashram life and seclusion. As 12th house is house of dreams and sleep. Jupiter does not deny bed pleasure. 12th house itself indicates bed-pleasure. Jupiter is a planet of spirituality, prosperity, Law, Justice, medicines and fortune. Jupiter is the natural Karaka of 12th house. Though 12th house is not a very comfortable house, Jupiter and Venus remain contained in this house moksha.


In his Natal chart 11th house rahu is placed in Taurus, a house of Venus. Rahu stays comfortably in the house of Venus. 11th house Rahu in Taurus is a testimony of big gains in money, friends.


Saturn is strongly placed in the 8th house. Saturn is in Aquarius, his own sign. It indicates longevity and deep knowledge of the occult.


7th house has Mars, Moon and Venus. 7th house of Business, alliance and partnership has two auspicious planets moon and Venus while Mars even though malefic it is good for an aggressive businessman. Looking at his 7th house I can say a person dealing in manufacturing ( Mars ) with the help of general masses ( moon) and having a large private organization of its own ( Venus ).



Note the Mars is the 10th lord here and it is connected to the 4th and 11th lord Venus as well as lagna lord moon. A superb combination of wealth, rather I would say uninterrupted wealth. An exalted Mars helped him in setting up a business empire but it really did not help him in getting married. Mars here disturbed the prospect of marriage. Mars does not go well with Venus when a conjunction occurs between them as the lagna lord is involved here it really created a destiny where a marriage like scenario is denied.


Sun is placed in Sagittarius which happens to be his 6th house. It is a clear indication that some of the kings are his enemies. As we have left a world where kingship existed I am here talking about politicians who are no less than kings. An indication that powerful politicians may be his first grade enemies as Sun is placed in 6th house.



Ketu and mercury are in 5th house. 5th house is a house of knowledge and education (as per Sir K.N Rao). Ketu is a shadow planet of occult when it combines with mercury the native speaks a lot about occult things like meditation, yoga, and natural ways of treatment. Mercury in the 5th house makes one very talkative and brilliant. He may mesmerize you with his conversations.


Written By Dipti Prasad Padhi




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