Barack Obama Horoscope Analysis

Barack Hussein Obama jr. born in 4th August 1961 is the 44th and present president of United States. He is the only African American to have positioned as president of United States. He was born to Barack Obama Sr. and Stanley Ann Dunham. His father came from Kenya while mother was of English Ancestry. His father was an economist and worked as an economic analyst in the Government of Kenya. Obama’s father married his mother in 1961 and soon they divorced in 1964. His father visited Obama once in 1972 and it was his last visit to his son before he died in 1982.

Lolo Soetoro a graduate student from University of Hawaii married his mother in 1965. Lolo Soetoro who was originally from Indonesia returned to his country in 1966 later Stanley Ann Dunham and their stepson went to Indonesia in 1967. From the age 6 to 10 Obama attended Indonesian-language schools. In 1971 he left Indonesia to stay with their grandparents in Honolulu. He completed his schooling in Hawaii where he spent important years as a young adult. It must be a bit of struggle for him to find the real Obama in him. He admitted of having alcohol, cocaine and marijuana during his teenage.

Later he moved to Los Angeles in 1979 and attended occidental College. In 1981 he majored political science with specialization in international relation from Columbia University. He made his first public speech in 1981. Later he became a community organizer from June 1985 to 1988. In 1988 he got into Harvard Law School and later selected as an editor of Harvard Law Review. In 1991 he was a fellow at university of University of Chicago Law School during which he was able to give final shape to his manuscript which was later published in 1995 as book called. “Dreams from my father”. From 1992 to 1996 he taught Constitutional Law as a lecturer and from there on wards he was promoted as a Sr. Lecturer till 2004.

Obama’s ventured into politics when he campaigned in 2004 to represent Illinois in united senate, he then remained as the senator from Illinois January 3, 2005 – November 16, 2008. During 2007 his presidential campaign started and by that time he was a well-known man in United States. Earlier he came to national attention during 2004 campaign as well as the author of his books. In January 20 2009 he was elected president of United States.

In a nutshell let us mark the major events of his life

1.  He was born in 4th August 1961 7.24 PM in Honolulu.

2.  He married to Michelle Obama on October 3, 1992.

3. Barrack and Michelle have two daughters Malia Ann born on July 4th 1998 and Natasha, born on June 10, 2001.

4. His mother, Stanley Ann Dunham died on November 7, 1995

5. His father died on Barack Hussein Obama, Sr. on 24 November 1982.

6. He became president on January 20 2009.


He had Cancer Main Dasha and Sub-Dasha period of from ARI 4/12/08 4/ 2/09. Sun and Mercury is in Cancer. Cancer is his 7th house (public relation) from Ascendant. Cancer Dasha started from 4/8/2008. This is a period where he must have had deeply involved in public speech, election campaigning along with his life partner as well as partners in politics. During Aries sub-period he became the 44th president of United States. Aries is 10th (Governance, career, profession, recognition) from Cancer. Interesting Aries (10th lord from cancer) is being aspected by Mars (lord of 5th (politics) and 10th (career, recognition, politics). Rahu plays an important role as a king maker in politics. With Mars rahu becomes very powerful. Mars Rahu aspect to the 10th house from Dasha Lagna made him the president of United States. Mars is his Atma Karaka having occupied the highest degrees.


His Atma Karaka : Mars, Amatya Karaka : Sun, Bhatri Karaka : Moon, Matri Karaka : Mercury, Putra Karaka : Venus, Gnati Karaka : Jupiter, Dara Karaka : Saturn


Analysis of major past events from Chara Dasha

1.      Married on October 3, 1992: During the end of Capricorn Dasha he married. Pisces was the Sub-Dasha. From Gemini Venus aspects pieces as well as the 7th from the Dasha sign confirming marriage during the period. 7th house from the Dasha period is also aspected by the Jupiter (parashari aspect). In Navamsha Pisces has Jupiter and 7th from it has the 7th lord from the Dasha Lagna mercury aspected by venus, mars,sun. Further confirming the marriage.


Let us analyze his Vedic horoscope. From his natal chart or birth chart or Vedic kundli I can clearly see retrograde Saturn and Jupiter is placed in the Lagna or ascendant. Lagna or ascendant is the first house of the natal chart. Lagna is everything to do with you, means you as a person, your personality, appearance, your looks, your image, your disposition, you physical as well as mental attributes. His ascendant is occupied by retrograde Jupiter and Saturn. Jupiter represents father, riches, knowledge, religion, spirituality, happiness, expansion, justice, Law, long distance journey to foreign countries, freedom, politics, etc. In his chart Jupiter is retrograde which means he is not orthodox in religious matters. Jupiter retrograde also signifies lesser role of father or a missing father in life as well as longing for father. Such a person with Jupiter retrograde can easily relate to all religions and in a true sense he is a true gift to mankind who thinks beyond the rigidity of religions. We all are from some religion but how many of us truly value, respect and recognize other religions.


Saturn is also retrograde in his horoscope. Saturn retrograde is considered as malefic as per Vedic astrology. Retrograde Malefic planets can cause issues. Saturn also signifies slowness being a slow moving planet. Saturn represents structure, discipline, order, law, old people, grandfather, sorrow, solitude, childhood. Being retrograde Obama must have missed structure, order, discipline and father during his childhood. Saturn Retrograde is conjunct Jupiter which clearly showed a person who had a difficult childhood; father’s role is missing in childhood, little indiscipline and order at some phases of childhood.

From ascendant Saturn and Jupiter aspect the 7th house of partnership, marriage, relationship, business or trade, opponents, Public, Contracts, and Negotiations, legal matters and fame too. Sun and mercury placed in 7th get the 7th aspect of Saturn (enemy of sun). Sun also represent father, authority figures and having the influence of Saturn explains separation from father and challenge to authority. 7th house is the natural house of SUN, 7th house (10th from 10th) is also a career house. Sun is combined with mercury gives him sharp intelligence, knowledge, political prowess as well as vast knowledge in international relation as well as Law. Jupiter’s aspect to Sun is benevolent while Saturn the lord of 1st (self) and 2nd (desire for knowledge and resources, money) is not so bad here. Generally Sun-Saturn aspects or conjunctions are heavy and it gives the native a very serious, inwardly thinking man. People having such an aspect become very mature and responsible during childhood. Responsibility, maturity, discipline, structure and order come under the domain of Saturn. Sun is with mercury. Sun is the lord of 8th house of (death, separation, depth, intensity, money or resources of others, mystery, sex, secrets, Insurance, GovtTaxes, Govt money unexpected or sudden ups and down, transformation, joint resources) is placed in the 7th house along with mercury, the lord of 6th (enemy, sickness, service to other, health, debts) and 9th house (fortune, religion, philosophy, higher education and knowledge, law, publishing). Mercury is a yoga karaka for Capricorn ascendant and placed in 7th house in a Kendra (angular house) is very good sign of growth in mercury related career such as writing. Obama has “The Audacity of Hope (2008) and Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance (2004) to his credit. 8th lord Sun in 7th house may signifies ego battles or ego struggles between the spouses. Sun is the center of ego and it never feels comfortable in the natural house of Venus (7th house) while on the other side 8th house also represents joint resources, money and wealth of the spouse. After marriage Barrack Obama must have had dramatic rise or gain in resources, wealth, and success, knowledge.


7th lord is exalted in 5th house (knowledge, art, entertainment, romance, creativity, intelligence).  Remember that Michelle Obama was listed in Vanity Fair as among 10 of the world’s best dressed people. 5th house is also fame. Fame through creativity, art, knowledge and intelligence. Moon stronger in 5th house also meant that in his life his mother has a greater role while the lord of the 4th house (mother, home or residence, property) in 8th house of sudden change tells about how in childhood he had to change countries due to her mother’s marriage, father’s separation with mother. 8th house is also separation. 4th lord Mars is also conjoined with Rahu which made changes inevitable. These changes brought profound transformation (8th house) in his life.


Mars and Rahu placed in 8th house. Mars, the planet of gain 11th lord as well as 4th lord placed in 8th house. Gains of friends, social alliance and in income and 4th house of property, land, education and Mother. 11th house is also knowledge, money of the government. Mars and Rahu in 8th house mean secret dealing, secret contracts, secret knowledge of mining, oil industry. Mars in 8th house makes one aggressive; they may excel in the field of medicine, research, healing, mysticism, occult, law, dealing with top-secret organizations. Rahu is in Leo, an enemy sign of Rahu and combined with Mars. Rahu in 8th house makes one obsessed to know about the secrets, secret knowledge, and secret dealings. They can excel in secret organizations. In his case being the president of united sates he has all the secret knowledge such as international secret dealings or behind the scene hand-shakes. Rahu in the secret 8th house if afflicted can cause drug addiction. His Venus is in 6th house. His Venus is in a friendly sign, Venus being a planet of luxury, glamour, sensuality, fine arts, and music may expose him to subordinates who treat him as a “role model” or “super hero”. People of opposite sex happen to be strong admirers. Venus in 6th house makes their work environment very happy and jovial.

Analysis from Arudha Lagna

You may see in his natal chart there is no planet in 10th house of career and profession as well as 11th house of gain from career and profession. But from Arudha Lagna or Arudha Ascendant you will see a connection. Planets in angular sign from Arudha make one in the center stage of fame. In his natal chart Libra is his Arudha Lagna and from Libra 9th house contains Venus giving rise to a Rajyoga while 10th from it has Sun and Mercury. Sun (authority or king figure along with mercury (communication). It means a king who communicates with the whole world. From Capricorn his 11th house Leo is having aspect of Jupiter, Saturn and 11th house from Arudha has Mars and Rahu. As per the sutra planets 11th from Arudha as well aspecting 11th house give gain through the planets signifies. As per the sutra benefic planets signify gain from legitimate source while malefic planets by objectionable source. 12th house from Arudha is aspected by Venus. Expenses occur related to women, on luxuries, Venus related stuff.

Darapada or 12th Arudha Pada    

From Darapada we can see longevity of marriage or issues or conflicts in marriage. Darapada has ketu in while 7th from it has rahu and Mars. It seems marriage between Barrack Obama and Michelle Obama might be opposed by siblings of Michelle or some opposition might be there taking their marriage.

It is aspected by Sun and Mercury while the 2nd from Darapada is aspected by the natural karaka or significator of marriage Venus. From this analysis it seems there may have issues in the marriage but the marriage is protected.

1. Barrack and Michelle have two daughters Malia Ann born on July 4th 1998 and Natasha, born on June 10, 2001.

His first daughter was born on July 4th 1988 during cancer Sub-Dasha (CAN 4/ 8/87 4/ 8/88). Putra Karaka is Venus. In Saptamamsha Venus is in Cancer and aspect 5th from the Dasha Sign as well as the Putra Karaka. Venus, a female planet and the karaka of children in his chart. 

In June 10, 2001 he had Virgo Sub-dasha, from Virgo moon is placed in the 5th house in Saptamamsha. From virgo the lord of 5th house is Saturn which is conjunct the putra karaka (PK) in Cancer.

Written By Dipti Prasad Padhi

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