Best Laptops for school and college students

A laptop which is a very convenient alternative to a computer does wonder when it comes to its portability, mobility due to light weight, compact design. Say it students, writers, travelers,professionals have a preference to work on laptop over personal computer due to the above mentioned qualities. Students generally roam around the campus of their schools or colleges and a light weight laptop makes it convenient for them while due to the same convenience it also helps the travelers as well as due to the convenience to carry during long or short trips.

A laptop having a smooth keyboard helps a lot for those who type a lot due to the nature of their job. Let us check what are the laptops available in the market fulfilling three major criteria such as mobility due to light weight, nice keyboard, smooth and easy to operate

Acer C720 Chromebook

Acer C720 comes with chrome operating system having 16 GB internal storage and 2 GB RAM. It is a light weight laptop of 1.2 Kgs with a 11.6 inch screen. It is economical, powered by a 1.4 Ghz dual-core intel celeron processor with a low maintenance cost due to its automatic support software as well as anti-virus software updates. Only drawback is its internal storage capacity which is only 16 GB but as Acer targets it towards school students having big storage space means giving students store games, movies. In a way this laptop discourages students from storing things except study materials.

Asus S200E

It comes with a price of Rs.29000. It has a screen size of 11.6 inch pretty smaller for this price. Having a weight of 1.4 kg it is pretty light. It comes with a good thouchpad and a good keyboard. It has windows operating system and uses windoows 8.

As per the hardware goes it is powered by an Intel pentium 1.8 GHZ. It also has 4 GB RAM and 500 GB Hard disk.

Lenovo Ideapad Flex 2-14

Price range : 39,500 Rs

It is powered by 4th generation 1.7 GHz Intel core i3 processor. This machine has 4GB RAM, 500 GB hard disk, Windows 8.1 Operating system. It comes with a screen Size of 14 inch, it is light and sleek weighing 1.9 Kg. It has 8GB SSD cache which makes it more responsive. Another best feature is about its keyboards that are responsive and backlit.

Toshiba Satellite S40-B X3110 Range between 50k-51k

Processor : 4th Gen Intel core i5 processor with speed 2.6 Ghz.

RAM : 4 GB

Operating system : Windows 8.1

It boasts for its faster processor and memory. It weighs 1.9 kg with a sleek design and high on portability. Looks elegant with its slim look. Alternative is 11.6 inch MacBook.

Macbook Air 13inch

If you go for Macbook Air 13inch screen it comes with a price of 65,000 Rs but with this price range you have to decide if you can get the maximum out of it or not.


As per the hardware goes it comes with dual core i5 processor running at 1.4 GHz speed though the boost speed is upto 2.7 GHz which keeps it faster beyond imagination. It has 128 Gb Flash storage where the hard disk stands out comparing to other hard disks.

AS per the design does it's aluminum body with sleek and stylish look makes it more elegant, it is a light weight laptop that weighs 1.25 kgs. It runs on the OS X.


By Dipti Prasad Padhi

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