Best window Ac in india : Voltas window AC Review

Voltas Acs are Air conditioning products of TATA Company LTD in India. Everyone knows that how big a company TATA is. TATA manufactures almost everything from salt to vehicles. TATA sells Air conditioners in India with the brand name of Voltas.

Voltas Air conditioners are perhaps the highest selling ACs in India. If you see their product review on online sellers you may find Flipkart, Amazon and Snapdeal are the top sellers of Voltas ACs.

Voltas 1 ton and 1.5 ton ACs are the most sought after products in India. If you need a 1 ton AC or a 1.5 ton AC depends on the size of your room. That is little technical and won’t be covered in this blog. Better to take a 1.5 ton AC in case you have plans of getting relocated from one place to another.

Now comes AC type: which AC type best suits you. Window or Split? If you stay on rent then perhaps your house owner may not let you drill his/her house to create space for split, though this is not the case always. In this case where you may have a plan to shift base and you are put up on rent window ACs are better for you. One disadvantage of Split Acs are these ACs need more care. Their external units are kept on the rooftop; any damage to the pipes connecting to the ACs will create leakage of gas which means adding more cost to the cost of purchase. I don’t know but window Acs as per me have good resale value comparing to Split Acs. Installation cost of split Acs are little complex than the window Acs. But in case of rooms in your house where there is no space for window ACs to fit split AC is inevitable.

Now comes which star rating AC to buy?

When it comes to recommendation anything between 3 and 5 saves energy cost. 4 rating Acs are not rare but only very few companies sell. For example whirlpool sells its magicool brand with 4 star rating.

5 star Acs are 5-6 k higher than their 3 star variants. In terms of electricity consumption does not make much difference.

Now a days with changing technology there are inverter Acs in Indian Market. When it comes to Voltas Acs in 2016 they branded the product as the most efficient power saver AC, Its little funny but the TV ad says with the  energy  consumption cost of one AC ( Other Acs) you can run 2 Voltas ACs.

Some people complained of its noise while some people complained about its less effective dehumidifier, but generally Window ACs make noise unlike split Acs.

Should you Buy from Online sellers?

This is a question that may make you confused. If you see reviews from Amazon, Flipkart and snap deal you will get to know mixed reviews. Most reviews are plus and Voltas window ACs have go 4 star ratings by users online.

Users also complained about poor after sales support. Some users complained about receiving damaged product, it may happen when during long-route transportation. If you see huge price difference between online and off-line sales channel you can prefer one over the other. In this case there won’t be much price difference. No-a-days users prefer copper bulit compressor, Does it have that or not? Yes the condenser material is copper. Like any good AC following features like auto air swing, auto restart, timer, sleep mode, turbo mode and self-diagnosis are present in Voltas.


It’s a Desi brand so you cannot expect it to be exactly the same like imported brands such Hitachi, LG, Whirlpool.

Post your review if you have a Voltas AC to help other users in their buying decision.

Voltas 185 DY Window AC : 5 star variant of Voltas

Voltas 183 CY Window AC : 3 star Variant of Voltas

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