Beware of Yogesh Parasnath Bhardwaj who tried to slander Evergreen coin (EGC) Project

Evergreen coin (EGC) is another crypto currency that was in news due to its much promising future. Steven Saxton is the lead developer and founder of the crypto currency. It ranks good globally among the other 700 Crypto currencies. EGC almost touched a 55k Satoshi during Aug'2016 and still has a great potential.


Yogesh Bhardwaj  (real cuprit)  tried his best to dump EGC coins would never succeed in doing any harm to EGC. When I asked why you played with people's money, He blocked me from the WhatsApp group . Later I talked to someone who lost a small amount of money (1.5 Lakh) from EGC, He said it was Yogesh who dumped the coins in order to profit. He kept on telling people to give him their EGC coins to him so that he will help in getting the price of EGC rise. How he would do it ? By trading ! He said he knew some secret trading strategy, The outcome of it was really not good for all those who had faith in him, He scamed all.



There is clear evidence against Yogesh who tried to scam people but beleive me he could never harm the reputation of Evergreen coin, there is a great potential in EGC coin in becoming the world's prominent crypto currency. EGC ( Evergreen coin) is enviroment friendly as it uses solar energy to create the crypto coins. EGC has merchants who  accept it as a midium of money exchange and If you invest in EGC today than I am sure you will have a bright future as it is going to be the next bitcoin. It has the advanced featute and listed in all major exchanges. EGC will stay forever. In my next blog I will explain more about Bowman Thomson and Steven Saxton two great  visionaries and men behind Evergreen coins. The best part is that unlike others they are the people who always come as leaders to interact with us. I see a great potential of this crypto coin and You should keep on investing and believing in it's power. Stay away from fake pre-mined crypto coins and start looking into EGC as your preferred crypto coin.


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