Bhikhubhai Jethwa asks Nitin gadakari

On 5th February Bhikhubhai Jethwa, father of slain RTI activist Amit Jethwa wrote a letter to BJP chief Nitin gadakari. He asked Gadakari to demand CBI inquiry on activist murder case.  RTI activist Amit Jethwa was shot dead on 20th July 2010 right opposite side of Gujarat high court soon after he filed a PIL against illegal mining in Gir forest area naming BJP MP Dinu Solanki. With the help of his nephew Shiva Solanki MP Dinu Solanki gave a contract to eliminate RTI activist.
Recently BJP asked for a CBI inquiry on the murder of IAS officer Yashwant Rao. He was murdered in state of Maharashtra where congress is a ruling party. Bhikhubhai raise question against double standard of BJP. He adds why BJP not asking for a special investigation in activist murder case? Gujarat government refuses to take action against MP Dinu Solanki as he is a member of ruling party BJP.

By : | Category : Business and Economy| Date : November 09,2011

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