Big Boss 8 with a new task Heros vs Villians

Tonight Big Boss has assigned a new task called Heros vs Villians. Karishma Tanna is appointed Captian of the heroes team and she has Diandra as her team mate.

Preetam is selected as the captain of the Villains and the rest of the teammates are by his side which means there is majority of villains in the house

Task given to the Heroes are to convince the villains to convert into heroes and vice versa. They have to try to convince the team members to convert them by talking to them and convincing them.

The villains have to create havoc inside the house to destroy the peace of the house and the heroes have to stop them.

Both the teams are supposed to put flags all-round the house while the teams themselves have to oppose each other. This task went to become a task of chaos, commotion in the house. The team Villain has become devilish torrent to play the role of spoilers.

Diandra changed team as soon as the game started and she too becomes a part of a destructive force. Sonali Raut crossed her limits and went a few step ahead in her villainous move by putting water on everyones bed before they were going to sleep.

We are expected to see more drama on this in the next episode.

 By Dipti Prasad Padhi

By : | Category : Movies & Entertainment| Date : October 14,2014

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