Big Boss 9 2nd week Eviction Roopal Tyagi, Rimi Sen cried

Rochelle Rao and Mandana talked about Kishwer’s dictatorship as a captain. They talked about how kishwer lost temper on them taking the smoking incident, they also said her boyfriend Suyyash keeps things untidy but Kishwer does not say anything to him.

A recorded clip of a fan of Rimi was presented to all house members where he said she is not performing. He also encouraged that she should keep on trying. Salman asked why she supports kishwer to which Rimi replied that from the first day she is close to kishwer.

Salman said there is something for Rimi in the store room. Arvind presented an envelope, it was ticket to f finale. It means she has to stay at Big Boss’s home for 3 months.

Rimi Sen said I am unable to handle this, she also said I will get in depression, dil se nahi reh pau gi, Salman said you have to stay for 3 months. Salman said how you could be a director if you could not handle pressure. From Big Boss’s house she will learn a lot.

Rimi Insisted that she wants to go home. Salman said you so weak; Rimi cried and said I can’t do this. Salman asked do you leave a movie due to hero, location, food.  Will you say no to a movie as you don’t like the hero, location or food?

Salman said it was your decision when you came in Big Boss house as a contestant. Rimi said please save me, I cannot do this. Someone who deserves please handover over this finale ticket, Salman said you need to be very strong, Rimi said I thought I was going home today, She pleaded Salman to help her, she can’t stay here, she further said Salman you are my last resort.

Salman asked which your worst film was, she said De tali, Salman said if you could come over that worst film, you could also come off the challenges you are facing in the house, she said that this show is the worst. All others are mentally strong, for me my comfort level is important. Salman asked what your comfort level is. She said I can’t leave here where there is no freedom, she said mein Azaadi se ghum na phir na cha tei hu, I want to go outside and bring life back to normal, I need my freedom.

What about the fans who voted for you, their money (cost of sending SMS), their love. Salman then said it was a Joke. Ticket was Nakli. Salman further said your fans are not silent, they are enjoying, they can keep you in the house by voting.

Salman said Rimi you are safe from the 2nd week eviction.

One fan of Digangana asked, you said you are a sherni (Tigress) but you have been behaving like a school kid. Digangana said earlier age is not a big factor and she will prove her best. Salman asked her to behave like a grown up girl and not a school kid, Salman said you should not come out geeky, immature; rather a you should set an example of a noble, mature woman.

Arvind was asked to give feedback about the land lord vs workers task as a sanchalak ( administrator ) he labeled Prince and  Suyyash as worst performers, Salman wanted the reason why they were put under the worst performer category, Arvind said Prince and  Suyyash’s aggression should have kept them going, they should not leave the task. To this both Prince and Suyyash got angry and said they did all the hard work but they were put as worst performers.

When Arvind said they left the task in the end Salman asked Arvind you were a sanchalak appointed by Big Boss for the task. Why did not you give your view points? Aman and kishwer gave their viewpoints even if they were not supposed to give opinions as they were acting as landlords. While as you were not put your opinions and views, Mandana and keith were put under nomination. You should have taken some serious interest, Salman told Arvind.

Prince said everyone gave up the task in the midnight. Arvind said prince and Suyyash worked hard took lead; you should not give up in the last moment.

Yuvika said Keith and Mandana nominated because you were come out of your bondage (Keith and Mandana). Everyone put their hard work but the team who broke the bondage was somehow responsible.

Salman said you should have put your opinion at right time. Keith said it was his personal decision to return the coins. There was an argument between kishwer and keith.

Salman said the team members of the last seasons were taking stand, they have strong opinions, they had their opinions, and they put their opinion at the right time.

Suyyash later got hyper with Arvind and said ungli kro ge and I will show you my temper. It was Arvind’s opinion to worst performers.

Through video conferencing relatives of house members had an opportunity to talk to their near and dear ones.

Digangana’s mother said when she entered in the house, she was little scared. But after 2 weeks she feels that she can handle her life. First week she spent in understanding the game.

Kishwer’s mother: Digangana earlier said kishwer seemed loud sometimes. To which Kishwer’s mother said she reacts as per situation. Salman asked Kishwer’s mother who plays from mind and who plays from heart. She replied Kishwer dimag se Suyyash dil se khel rha hei.

Suyyash’ sister said he played emotional, her sister said gussa hei us main, Salman said it was temper. Sister said jab bhi kishwer gets in trouble he gets emotional.

Team ke against ja kr kishwer ke liye kuch kar na it was wrong she said. Here she talked about stolen coins.

Prince’s sister said kishwer and suyyash ke bich mai prince fans rha hei, Prince was stuck in the game due to Kishwer and Suyyash.

She said us ko bhi gf de ni chahiye tha , salman said ye hamara profession nahi hei gf provide kr na.

Digangana mother said for the first week I WAS crying and sometimes she felt heart fail ho jaye ga,. Salman said vo bacchi nahi hei, bahut age naikal chuki hei, par mama ko apni bacchi hamesha bacchi lag tei hei.

Salman against came back to Rimi and said to go through mind reading by seeing some pics,

Kishwer: 1st pic showed a pic: Prince hugging Kishwer

2nd Pic Prince hugging yuvika, Yuvika said she does not remember why he hugged him.

3rd Pic: Prince hugging Rochelle: Rochelle replied sweet: sab ko hug kar rha hei she said.

4th Pic: Prince very close to Mandana next to her bed, he was seen whispering in her ear: Prince replied she was ill and he wanted confirm if she is well.

Ankita from Bangalore got connected to Salman over phone, she asked a Question to Prince before that she told Salman that you are a major reason we watch Bog Boss

Qustion : Ladkiyon ki bahut respect kr tei ho, jab mandana ulti kar rahi thi aap ne kha kuch kar to nahi dia keith ne, aur phir ye bhi kha ek taraf hei ghar wali and ek taraf hei bahar wali.

Prince said it was about food (breakfast), keith ne khane main kuch mila to  nahi dia. Slaman said chal juthe and said everyone knows the meaning of ulti. Salman then said it was a joke, if it was a joke then its ok.

Randeep Hooda came in.  Kick ke bad journey kaisi rahi, Salman asked, Randeep told about his upcoming Charles. He asked Salman to wear the cap he was wearing and the glasses too.

Salman announced from Aman and Roopal someone will be evicted from the house. Salman said I am shocked actually.


He also said Mandadan start crying the cameras are on your face. Roopal evicted out of the house.

Reporters asked you came out of the house early. I felt happy that I came out. She said Prince jo hei vo dikh rha hei, He may not have any respect for any girl, As per her Mandana is very rude, sab se pange liye he us ne.


Roopal came to the Big Boss studio.  Salman gave her a Special right called Big Bomb, kisis bhi Jodi ko select kr ke bandhan mai badh sakti hei. Roopal choose Prince and Suyash, Salman Khan recited ye bandhan to pyaar ka Bandhan hei.

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