Big Boss 9 32 Day Diwali Celebration double trouble

 8.18 Am: woke up to a very motivational song. They greeted each other happy Diwali. Big Boss showed the best Rangoli.

Mandana said we should make breakfast that we all can eat and not as per wishes of Kishwer, prince and suyyash.

Rimi said you three will be together and rest will be against them with the progress of time. Mandana said these 3 behave like gunda.

Rocheel said these 3 are bhukad hei. They said they are paid audience. They have come here to eat, shout and enjoy.

Big Boss congratulated all the guests. Rishabh was told to tell the names of members who miss their family members,

 Diganggana was called upon the double trouble room and wear headphone

Puneet was the 2nd to go to double trouble

Mandana was the 3rd

You can get you family gifts

4 options given

1 member presses the button all will get gifts.

2 Press than the 3rd one gets gift.

If all three of them press, your choosen 3 members will not get gifts

If you 3 don’t press button then only you 3 will get gifts

Puneet said dharma sankat mai dal dia, later Puneet pressed the button.

Seems like a fixed task

All the members got their gifts as Puneet only pressed the button, Prince was seen crying. Roschelle l was seen crying when she heard her parents Diwali messages. Aman showed Mandana the pic of his girlfriend and her mother.

Big Boss got talents, all the members are divided into two teams and they have to perform against each other.

Team A

Team B

Roschelle and Rimi to dance against each other.

Kishwer argued that Rishabh can’t help roschle as there is no male part in her choosen song. They said why Suyyash is helping Rimi in her song.

Roschelle said it’s a fun task and we should not fight. Kishwer said Suyyash will only be a small part of the song as in beedi jalaile song has saif who had an appearcne in the song.

 Aman said it is between Roschelle and Rimi.

Puneet was given the task of composing a song.

Kishwer said Roschelle as mad to which Roschelle said they are fighting with us without reason, she also cried. Prince intervened when Aman was consoling Roschelle why Aman is there at the living room. Roschelle interrupted and shouted on Prince and they had an argument. Roschelle said Rimi is a professional dancer and I am not a professional.

Kishwer said is ki fat gayi hei.

 Aman and Kishwer went to Big Boss confession Room: Big Boss said for enhancmnet if you want to add someoneelse in the song you have to take consent of both the parties as per announcement it is a solo song.

Big Boss announced Big Boss got talent contest

Roschelle came to perform monalisa trance. She performed well and she looked stunning while dancing

Rimi from team B danced to bidi jalaile jigar se piya: Rimi perfomed superb and thet congrtualted.

Aman played Salman and Digangana played Rimi: They acted that scene where Salman convinced Rimi with the finale ticket. Rishabh played prince. They did the act nicely.

Kishwer played Rishabh’s acting.parathe bana do yaar he pleaded. Puneet played Prince and suyyash played suyyash.

Aman and RIshabh jamura act: Jha Na paunche Ishwar wha paunche kishwer act. Har baat pr gussa, har baat mai akad. In se pucho Pani Pyio ge khun pio ge

Madam Rao: jhagda bhi kr tei hei to phir patch kar tei hei.

These acts are nothing but a showcase of the bad points of each other’s players.

Team B : They prepared a song,Funny si dastan hei ya hei shuru yha khatam

Bata tei hei style mai

Aman ji aye the balon ke sath talkle h gye

Rishabh aya tha wild ban gya mind

Mandana ajeeb si Hindi suna tei hei hum kop aka tei hei

Suyyash hei kishwer ka gulam sab se le ta hei intaqam

Mandana said Rimi’s song was entertaining as she is professional, Roschelle even if not dancer she did gracefully.

Aman and Rishabh’s act was funny

Mandana said for me it is tie.

Prince gave his oinion saying roschel that her act was good in start but it missed expression during the continuation.

Roschelle objected I don’t want to here this dissection. He also announced a tie. As it was a tie luxry budget gift hamper was given to everyone.


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