Big Boss 9 33rd day Suyyash became new captain of the house

Woke to up to thodi si dhul meri song.

1.30     Am : Rishabh said wooden floor mopping suyyash said  no

Carpet needs to clean by Mandana and Roschelle to do bathroom as well bedroom, Mandana said I can’t do as its boys work. Kishwer what she did? Roschelle said carpet we can not do. Mandana said I have back issues I can’t do anything else.

Rishabh said I have given work to everyone. Mandana said we can’t touch any other’s bed as we had a fight on the same.

Big Boss announced that time has come to declare the new captain, the fisrt 3 contestents who give their davedari

Prince went first and expressed intrest to be captian, Suyyash went next saying I want to set the home right as rishabh has made it into a mess. 3rd one was Roschelle. Mandana said prince was such a selfish guy he went for captaincy. Rishabh said I will support Roschelle, Aman and Mandana will support, Rishabh said I will tell Digi to support Roschelle.

Rishabh said when we say Mandana to do cleaning her feels inferior. Prince said if I will become captian I will make her clean the garden 2 times a day. Kishwer supports Prince and Rishabh on the same. Rishabh again asked why Mandana you don’t want to clean the carpet; Mandana said backpain and I will talk to you later.

Mandana put off her mike and said I want to talk to you. Mandana said I did the cleaning of carpet 3 times with Keith Roschelle aslo supported. Rimi just did it once for 5 mins. Mandana said I have cleaned shit of the boys. Aman said you dont clean toilets of boys.

Roschelle said Aman what is your big regret of your life? 2001 Aman said my first relationship he said I wish I would have married her; life’s situation would have something else. He also talked during that time no one was there to show way, if someone was there life would become something else.

Prince, Rishabh and Kishwer discussed about who ate the choclates. , Manadana said let is distribute the choclates as someone stole some chocs.

Task for captaincy

 Dhal (Protection) for the contestants and stick with clor given to others.

Winning condition: Contestants Suyyash, Roschelle and Prince have to stand with their dhals while other members have to use the stick smeared with color to spread on their white T-shirts. They have to be in a circle.

Rimi examined and told that Suyaash has less color on his T-shirt, so he became the captain of the house.

Suyyash said aprt from cooking what would like to to do ? She said mopping of living room. Cleaning of table etc. She did not want cooking so Suyyash said I wanted to take away kitchen.

Suyyash went to the confession room as called by Big Boss. Big Boss gives 5 matressed that were taken away. Now he has to choose 2 members who broke maximum rules. He has also got a special right a repeated rule breaker’s bed can be taken away from him/her and keep at the store room.

Mandana and Roschelle asked about Pricne who broke maximum rules.

Suyyash took name of Roschelle and Prince and he took their beds away.

Mandana asked Suyyash to give punishment to Rishabh. Rishabh felt upset. Roschelle said you can discuss with her Rishabh said no, I don’t need her freindship and enimosity.

 Polluion board with pollution powder

Team Black and Team white

Garneir men face wash se

Prince from team black found the Garnier men’s face wash and cleaned suyyash’s face covered in Black.

Puneet then searched garnier men’s face wash. Rishabh was covered with pollution powerder.Rishabh said are you stupid to Puneet as he did the cleaning of Rishab’s face in an aggressive manner, he threw water in an indecent way towards Rishabh’s face, he also pulled Rishabh to the ground to clean his face.

Team Balck finished it in 5.58

Team white finished in 4.47 sec

Aman was told to handover Garnier Men gift hamper to the winning team.

Rishabh said don’t try to scare me, over the cleaning issue by Puneet Rishabh got upset, he said water went inside my eyes, nose. Puneet said sorry again again. Rishabh said I have pain in my face. Rishabh said Puneet had an ill intention. He said aap ko mera mu kala kar na tha. Puneet said I have no such intention. Prince laughed and said he thought it was slap.


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